New Sonic Frontiers Artwork by Sega Has Been Teased

New Sonic Frontiers Artwork by Sega Has Been Teased ...

Yesterday there was speculation that Sonic Frontiers might be getting some DLC, and now the official Sonic the Hedgehog social media account has shared a new image of the upcoming release, easing fans with the following message:

"The answers are just around the corner," says the narrator.

It's a desert environment with a giant that appears to be a giant enemy:

While this line is certainly open to interpretation, Gamescom is happening next week, and Sonic Frontiers has already been confirmed for the event. Frontiers will make its "world premiere" at Opening Night Live on the 23rd August:

This may be the first real hint of the anticipated "open-zone" Sonic game, according to a recent promotional listing. Sonic Frontiers may be available as early as November and is currently scheduled for "holiday 2022".

Sonic Frontiers has received a new Japanese commercial in addition to the above mentioned.

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