Stardust is a critical item in 'Pokmon GO'

Stardust is a critical item in 'Pokmon GO' ...

Pokemon GO, a mobile AR game, is one of the more distinct games in the franchise's history, with the game bringing to the table many new goods and experiences for trainers to utilize on their journey.

Stardust is one of the new (and important) items you'll find in the game: it's used for a variety of advancements, and you'll keep it as you play. Here's how to get stardust in Pokemon GO quickly and what you'll utilize it for.

What is Stardust?

Stardust is an important item you'll want to stockpile of if you want to boost your Pokemon. Powering up your Pokemon will increase their CP (though it doesn't have any impact on the Pokemon's other values) and require both stardust and candy to complete. If your Pokemon is level 40 or below, you'll need XL candy.

Stardust is also crucial if you intend to trade Pokemon with your buddies. If you haven't registered in your Pokedex, you have a shiny Pokemon, or you have an legendary Pokemon, there will be more stardust.

This item is also crucial if you want to unlock the second charge attack of a Pokemon (though it can cost you up to 100,000 stardust to do so).

Lastly, if you wish to purify any Shadow Pokemon owned by Team GO Rocket, you'll want stardust.

Here's how to get stardust in 'Pokemon GO' quick.

There are certain obstacles that require you to acquire stardust, but you should be collecting the item anyway, especially if you want to power up your Pokemon or participate in any trade.

The most reliable method to obtain more stardust is to capture new Pokemon. When you are captured, most Pokemon will reward you with either 100, 300, or 500 stardust, though there are a number of who will provide more when you are able to acquire them.

You'll get a bonus 1,800 stardust for the first Pokemon you capture every day, while capturing a new Pokemon every day for seven days in a row will give you extra 9,000 stardust. If the Pokemon you're capturing is weather-boosted, you'll get additional stardust when you take it.

You'll need a star piece to increase the amount of stardust you receive at once, which will give you 50 percent more stardust in one go.

The greatest method to get stardust is by hatching eggs, competing in battles and raids, participating in community events and spotlight hours, and accomplishing research tasks. The greatest way to get more stardust is by playing the game because almost every task you accomplish has the chance of awarding you the item.

You should grind to earn more and stockpile it as you play the game, the more you'll find new methods to get more stardust and with how many occasions you'll need it.