Robert Downey Jr. opens up about the moment during their documentary premiere that he felt a connection with his late father

Robert Downey Jr. opens up about the moment during their documentary premiere that he felt a connect ...

Robert Downey Jr., a well-known film actor who has played Tony Stark/Iron Man for over a decade, is well-known. (Short after, Downey Jr. paid tribute to his father.) Now, during the film's premiere, the Marvel alum talks about a time when he felt especially connected to his late father.

Robert Downey Jr. said his father was lifting a barrel of chemicals when he injured his back this past Friday. (Downey Sr. worked at the Worlds Fair at one point)

I threw my back 11 seconds before we left to get here. So I'm in this weird, weird, weird, weird, meditation of empathy for my dad's ongoing suffering, and I'll tell you: sprains at altitude are all the more enjoyable.

The film Sr., directed by Chris Smith, describes Robert Downey Jr.'s final years as he recovered from a stroke. On his wife's suggestion, IndieWire made a solid contribution to the late underground filmmaker.

We like circles. Sometimes you have to force them to be circular in order to make sense of it. This one is a little more natural.

Robert Downey Jr. was pursuing mainstream projects long before he began his stint in the Marvel movies. His father, on the other hand, was well-known for his experimental indie films. His most well-known film is surely Putney Swope, a satirical examination of race in Hollywood.

Downey Jr. dyed his hair blue to honor his son's little league championship triumph.

Robert Downey Sr.'s spirit is alive and well, and one gets the sense that the premiere of this documentary (which is up for acquisition at this writing) is powerful for Jr. While his father may be gone, hell always have the memories, the documentary, and occasional moments like the one at Telluride to help maintain that bond.