Is John Oliver's Last Week Tonight on HBO, 9/4?

Is John Oliver's Last Week Tonight on HBO, 9/4? ...

IsLast Week Tonight with John Olivernew on HBO? Will there be a chance to see some more comedy sometime soon?

Wed love to see another episode tonight, especially since there is never a shortage of things to talk about here. This is, regretfully, where we get some of the bad news: Sunday is more or less treated as another Saturday during this three-day stretch. Even though the viewership might have been decent for the show following the House of the Dragonthis weekend, it is still not on the air.

We understand that hiatuses can be frustrating, but have no fear: The season isn't coming to an end. There's still some more great content to look forward to before the show will probably be off for a while at the end of the year. The finale usually airs here in November.

If you get a web exclusive tonight to tide us over or, maybe you just got nothing and were left to wait for the next episode. Whether its super-current events like the midterm elections or some topics that just need more attention and aren't getting it, like what's happening to the environment right now, Oliver has always done a fine job of highlighting some things.