Three Severance fan theories are on the board before Season 2 and 3, one of which looks quite absurd

Three Severance fan theories are on the board before Season 2 and 3, one of which looks quite absurd ...

There are so many spoilers for Severance ahead.

Have you ever wondered about those sheep? Do Lumons ethics baffle you? I have, too. I've been left with a lot of questions ever since the show's conclusion. While the program's conclusion is explained, I'm still left to ponder all the theories that are out there. And while the creators of the show are off Reddit, I can't get enough of it.

The Severance board covers the entire spectrum from reasonable to bizarre. Very few shows can argue that a clone theory is plausible, but here we are. Between the clones, immortality, and LinkedIn, practically anything may be possible next season on Severance.

Ms. Casey Could Be The Clone Of Mark's Wife, Gemma

Adam Scott will play Mark in Severances. He feels like he has to separate his work and home life so he can not experience the agony and sadness of losing his wife. However, at work Mark is sent to wellness sessions to meet with Ms. Casey.

Ms. Casey, like many others, may be a clone of Gemma. We also see those goats, and while sheep were the first animals to be cloned, it appears possible these goats may be Lumons test subjects.

Why am I interested in it: For some reason, those goats exist, and to me, this seems to be the most natural choice.

Yes To This Theory: Lumon's Ultimate Goal Is Immortality, And Here's How

Severance does not shy away from tackling big issues. The severance procedure is central to the show, and Im confident there is a greater potential to use this procedure in the future.

According to Hougaiidesus Reddit theory, chips might be used to help people return loved ones from the dead, or to keep them alive by transferring the chip from body to body. Will she be able to bring this person back? Does the board have a founder on it?

Why I'm Into It: You know the waffle party scene? And the weird weird culty stuff about Kier Egan and his legacy? No, I don't think immortality is a stretch.

Helena has escaped hell and will make her life a living hell, according to this theory.

Helena chose to go through the severance process and her innie, Helly, is doing everything she can to get out of her job. In Season 2, it will be interesting to see how Helena keeps Helly at bay.

LadyLaina commented that it is clear that Helena does not care that her innie Helly is being tortured during office hours. They said they do not believe memories will be erased, but it is unclear if Helly will go back to her pals downstairs. Helena clearly has the steering wheel and moving into Season 2 she seems to have far more control than we anticipated.

Why I'm Into It: Season 1 has already shown Helena's lack of empathy for her innie, and I believe it will only get worse.

Lumon Could Be Planning World Domination Via Brainwashing, This Ones Wild

Lumon is attempting to use all of its might to take on world dominance, and I mean it is a massive corporation. However, I do not necessarily believe they will get to world dominance by severing everyone. Though you never know. Anything on Severance is possible.

Complexxx123 on Reddit has stated that Lumon is plotting to break everyone in the world. Referencing The Revolving, they believe that Lumon is planning to literally flip a switch and make everyone wake up as their innies, thus preventing them from having any recollection outside of work. This would trap the outies forever, and allow Lumon to do what they want.

Why is it so wild: Logistically, this appears impossible.

This One Is Wild: LinkedIns Importance And Irvings Employment

Irving, who has been at Lumon for a while, says he has worked at the company for nine years, according to his LinkedIn profile (opens in new tab).

Elephantsbewrinkly on Reddit has offered a couple of theories for the time difference. One is that the three years spent with him are for his innie as well. Irving was never struck in the first place (other than he always draws a picture of the hallway that Ms. Casey walks down all the time).

Why It's Wild: While plausible, it's unlikely that Season 2's real LinkedIn account would play such a significant role.

This One Is Wild: The Goats Are Running The Whole Show

These goats are amazing. We saw them for 15 seconds in the middle of the season. Currently, we do not know anything about them other than that the guy who watches them cares deeply for them.

On Reddit, Wambaloma suggests that the goats may be running the show. That faceless board we hear or see throughout the program, but never hear or see, might be the goats. Because technology hasnt advanced sufficiently for the boards consciousness to live in another human

Why Is It Wild: Do I have to explain myself here?

When the hit show returns, you'll want to wait and see what the show cooks up. There are a lot of shows like Severance to see right now. Season 2 has been named one of the best new shows of 2022 and has received many Emmy nominations.