Kelly Neelan's epic departure narrative is enhanced by Hollywood technology on Coronation Street

Kelly Neelan's epic departure narrative is enhanced by Hollywood technology on Coronation Street ...

Following are spoilers for Coronation Street.

Iain MacLeod, the producer of Coronation Street, has shared some secrets about a dramatic rooftop scene during Kelly Neelan's departure week.

Kelly is leaving the ITV soap this month, as Millie Gibson has decided to retire from the role after three years.

Corrie will revisit the mysterious secret that Gary Windass was to blame for Kelly's evil father Rick's death in upcoming scenes.

This leads to some dramatic high-stakes moments on a roof, which were shot using Hollywood-style technology.

MacLeod explained that in conversations with Digital Spy and other media, "The theme of the week is a sequence that we've shot using technology that's more commonly used in movies like The Mandalorian or they've used a slightly larger version of this in a lot of the Avengers films."

"It's known as a volume wall, which was fairly new to me." It's like a very different fandangled version of what they would have called a green screen or back projection back in the early days.

"It means you can have your actors anywhere that you can imagine." You can essentially make a 3D world, like the surface of Mars, and you could stick Ken and Rita up there enjoying a Mr. Kipling and a cup of tea, if you wish. Now clearly we didn't want to do that because that would be somewhat bizarre!

"What we've done instead is create this incredible rooftop sequence with a twinkling cityscape behind it, so that we can do things that you'd normally do in a location shoot."

"You can use real actors in what appears to be quite real danger without using stunt performers. You can have the camera operate in a way that it can't do in the real world, unless it's being operated by an Avenger." The camera can swoop and fly and move around in ways that you can't imagine.

"So we created this incredible cinematic sequence for the set piece of this week, which I'm so excited about. I've only seen the rushes, and it already looks fantastic."

MacLeod expressed his displeasure that Millie is stepping down from the role of Kelly.

"The theme of the week is, and it leaves me with a heavy heart to say it, but we all know Kelly is leaving the program." So we thought it would allow us to do something huge.

"We wanted to have certain characters walk on all of these mines that we've buried for them over the years, and have them all explode in one catastrophic explosion."

"We've really thrown everything at this week to try and uncover all of the major secrets, lies, revelations, and schemes." It's literally in very high risk of becoming a policeman. It's also visually stunning.

"I don't think any continuing drama, as far as I know, has ever used this technology before. It's got that genuine cinematic quality.

"It's funny, as it's got the party to close all parties in the middle of it. It's just a fantastic all-round week on Coronation Street."

MacLeod has also revealed that certain scenes will be set in the forest where Gary murdered Rick in self-defense.

"Gary has to retrace his steps back into the forest of doom, where he once fought for his life with Kelly's father Rick Neelan," he said. That's a terrific tie up and complete stop on the story that started with Gary's desperate act all those years ago.

"At times, we've pondered over blowing it all up and revealing the whole truth to everybody. However, finding ourselves in a position where we're forced to leave Kelly, it just means it's now or never.

"We've gone with it and just accomplished something really special, which is certainly one of the most impressive things that I've ever worked on in my varied career."

The show's producer also speculated on how technology such as volume walls might affect soaps in the long run.

"We joked that there would come a point when we no longer need sets." You just need a volume wall, and then you can just go 'bang' and you're in The Rovers and then you go 'bang' and you're in The Kabin.

"We were all joking about it, but a tiny bit of me believes in ten or 20 years, that might actually be fairly accurate. Having physical sets might be an anomaly.

"It's absolutely mind bogglingly technical. We had to hire some very skilled individuals to create this 3D version of Manchester that's visible in all these scenes.

"If it works as efficiently as we expect it to, then it might be something that more and more programs will use when they want to do something massive and spectacular, because you can just add that little extra.

"The sequence that you'll see is a night shoot, and would have been a night shoot for us," says the filmmaker, but all of these 'night' scenes were shot during the middle of the day - in the middle of a heat wave. So you can have your characters stand on the edge of a building without having to use a double or rope them up.

"You have full control over the weather effects, the lighting, and the creation of this 3D world." Then, simply by winding a little dial, they may make the sun rise up and say, 'Well, that's probably a bit too bright.' And then, again, they may wind a dial again and the sun goes down a bit. You can then shoot all the scenes against the perfect sunset.

"It's witchcraft, but I'm enthused." It was all very exciting. You've never seen so many people devise a reason to go down and see a filming set when they have absolutely no reason to be there at all! They just wanted to have a conversation.

"I was guilty of the same thing." Obviously, as the head of the company, I guess it's my prerogative to go down there anyway. But even I was like, 'Oh yeah. I'm just going to I really felt I should pop down and do something unnecessary.'

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