The producer of Coronation Street anticipates enormous consequences for the Stephen and Jenny secrets

The producer of Coronation Street anticipates enormous consequences for the Stephen and Jenny secret ...

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After Jenny Connor's recent kiss with Stephen Reid, Coronation Street's producer Iain MacLeod has warned of "long-lasting consequences."

Jenny avoided falling for Stephen in the back room of the Rovers Return last week, because she thought her relationship with Leo Thompkins was over.

Jenny and Stephen's moment of passion was shattered when Gemma Winter entered the room, leaving Leo waiting outside.

Jenny accepted the invitation from Leo. Jenny was quick to assure Gemma that her kiss with Stephen meant nothing.

MacLeod teased about the aftermath of this story to Digital Spy and other media: "Well, obviously, secrets never stay buried in soap for very long, don't they? Or sometimes they do stay buried for quite a while, but they always come out in the end. So inevitably this secret will come out.

"Jenny believes she's found her happily ever after with Leo. Obviously, she went into this relationship a bit swift after Johnny's death, and then spent a long time torturing herself over the idea that: 'He's too young for me, I'm too old for him, is he dating me because he's got some fetish for somewhat older women?'

"Ultimately, none of this proved to be the case. Leo is completely genuine and Jenny might be married for the rest of her life. But unfortunately, she made a mistake.

"In terms of the person she chose to make the mistake with, namely Stephen, she couldn't really have chosen the worst."

"So yes, everything will go off in a fairly spectacular manner throughout the month of September, with long-term consequences for the whole show," he added.

Stephen is being tipped as a major new foe for the cobbles by Corrie's staff, with more bad behavior likely in the coming weeks and months.

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