After Toyah's crash confession, Coronation Street's manager teases a "shocking" Spider twist

After Toyah's crash confession, Coronation Street's manager teases a "shocking" Spider twist ...

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Producer Iain MacLeod of Coronation Street has hinted at a major mistake for Toyah Habeeb when she chooses Spider Nugent as her confidant.

Toyah has spent the last few months protesting her innocence over the car accident that killed her husband Imran, although others in Weatherfield have questioned whether she intended the accident.

Toyah and Imran were arguing just before the crash, although the crucial moment just before the collision was left out.

Toyah tells Spider the whole story for the first time in a heart-to-heart conversation ahead of her trial. She's completely unaware that Spider is the last person she should confide in.

MacLeod explained to Digital Spy and other outlets that "the prospect of a life sentence for Toyah is triggering all of her emotions" - particularly about what she did to Imran and her guilt over all of this.

Toyah has reached a huge emotional crisis, where she has this burning desire to repent or to seek some sort of therapy.

"Toyah releases herself completely from Spider, talking in depth for the first time about what happened behind the wheel of that car, how much of it she believes is guilty, how much she believes she is culpable, and how much she believes she was to blame.

"Toyah believes Spider is the best person she can tell, the person she can trust the most. In fact, at that time, he's the worst possible choice in terms of who she should confess to.

"I can't say a lot more at this point, but the idea is that she's head over heels in love with this guy again and has reconnected with him instantly on his return to the street. She believes he's her one true friend in the world.

"She may not be wrong, but she's certainly making a huge error in confiding all of this to him, for reasons that will come to light."

Spider, who returned to the cobbles in July after 19 years away from the program, will have much more to offer, according to MacLeod.

"We had a lengthy and heated discussion about what Spider's life is like now. Is he the enduring teenager who's still chaining himself to trees, or has he had to grow up as the character's older?"

"What does Spider's 21st-century version look like? How has he gone about attempting to make the world better since we last saw him? I think the answers we've come up with are surprising, shocking, interesting, and will make the audience gasp slightly when we discover exactly what's going on in his life at this time.

"Spider is a wonderful character with all of this experience behind him. He just felt like the ideal person to reintroduce to Toyah's life, just at the point where she reached rock bottom.

"We brought in this incredible warm, enticing welcome from the past, and just resetted Toyah to a happier time." In the run-up to the trial, giving her that little burst of optimism and happiness felt really important, since there's a limit to how much self-flagellation you can have as an audience.

"It was a brilliant little psychological boost for Toyah." But then, of course, because this is a soap, we remove the rug from under her in quite spectacular fashion throughout September and beyond."

The heart-to-heart connection between Toyah and Spider comes on the eve of the trial, which will take place in the next week's episodes.

MacLeod gave further details on what's in store: "Toyah is on self-destruct by the time she gets up in the witness box." Regardless of what you may conclude from what happened in that car on the day when Imran died, she's a good person. She certainly believes herself to have a good heart and strong morals.

"There's every possibility that Toyah would simply self-destruct in some kind of desire to repent for her sins," says the prosecution.

"The performances, by the way, are fantastically good and have always been part of the narrative as a whole."

"Georgia is absolutely exceptional at both the narrative and the court scenes. Often she's playing unfashionable characters in a way, as she's not always playing the hero of the piece or the tragic heroine. She's playing very murky and tricky emotions throughout this story with absolute skill."

"The trial is terrifying, and strangely enough, the two most dangerous things in it are Toyah's desire to set fire to her own life, and Spider's surprising degree of danger when he discovers what Toyah claims she's done in that car."

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