With the arrival of Dee Dee, Coronation Street plans to expand the Bailey family

With the arrival of Dee Dee, Coronation Street plans to expand the Bailey family ...

Suspicioners for Coronation Street are following.

Coronation Street has announced intentions to bring back the Bailey family's missing member.

Dee Dee Bailey, the daughter of Ed and Aggie, will join Weatherfield and will make her first appearance on the ITV soap later this month.

Channique Sterling-Brown has been cast in the role of Dee Dee, who has been often mentioned on screen since Ed and Aggie and their sons Michael and James arrived in 2019.

Producer Iain MacLeod explained to Digital Spy and other outlets: "I love this character. I loved her long before she existed, just because of the way she was described in the Bailey family."

"But, essentially, you can expect a fair amount of chaos." She has an incredible big heart. She is extremely skilled at her job, but you'd never guess that until you meet her.

"Dee Dee works in law and is the type of person who will take down a team of hotshot lawyers in a moment, but will then walk out the courtroom and realize that she's done the whole thing with her skirt tucked into her knickers."

"She's just engulfed in chaos in every respect, apart from her incredible sharpness. She's nevertheless a great actress."

Channique Sterling-Brown (@channiquesb) has shared a link to her blog.

MacLeod continued: "I wasn't that familiar with Channique before, but she's absolutely brilliant." She's so full of energy and energy, and she's just fantastic. I'm really, really excited to see her join the family.

"She's got a lot of fun things to do with her being the apple of her mother's eye, and you've got sibling rivalry with the boys." Glory, her niece, is also not that au courant with children, so she's had a very comic relationship with them, because she doesn't really know what to do with them. She treats them like they're clients or that they're on trial.

"So she's got a really big heart, but it's also clumsy in her social interactions. She's a notorious people pleaser. She'll never say no. Even if it's to the detriment of her own self-esteem.

"So she's just this lovely big-hearted injection of energy in the middle of that family."

Dee Dee will be involved in a major plotline, but not necessarily one involving a shocking past secret, according to MacLeod.

"It's the default setting to go whenever you introduce a new character," he said, "And what is her hidden secret when she arrives?" Ordinarily, that works very well.

"Actually, with this character we thought, 'Well, I don't know if I want her to have one.' She's so energetic and so adamant that she dusts herself down and gets on with it. I didn't want to discover that she has some terrible burden.

"Actually, it was refreshing when we all agreed to this decision, which was, 'Let's not do that,' but rather, it's, 'Oh yeah. She can just be incredible joyful.'

"I think the world needs a bit of that right now, rather than somebody pretending to be happy, but really they're terribly sad because their dog died recently or something darker."

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