I Have A Question About the Disney+ Pinocchio Movie That Keeps Me Awake At Night

I Have A Question About the Disney+ Pinocchio Movie That Keeps Me Awake At Night ...

There are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes, and Disney live-action remakes of classic animated films. Several are heading to the big screen, including, The Little Mermaidand Snow White, but the next one will be a direct-to-Disney+ remake of Pinocchio, starring Tom Hanks as Geppetto. It's a nightmare movie.

Everything about the recent trailers suggests that the 1940 animated Disney film will be a fairly accurate reproduction, but the evolution to live-action has opened a Pandora's box I can no longer close. When Pinocchio becomes a real boy at the end of the film, what will it be like on the screen?

Pinocchio remains a cartoon when he's a "real" boy, just like everyone else in the film. However, real people are played by real actors in the new Pinocchio, which is a CGI creation. So what happens when something changes?

Option 1.Pinocchio is A CGI Real Boy

In the majority of Pinocchio, weve seen how he will appear, and he looks exactly like what you would get if you asked any digital effects artist to transform the 2D animated character from the original film into a 3D CGI character. This is how Pinocchio will appear throughout the film.

In the 1940 classic, the walking and talking wooden boy just sees his wooden parts transformed into real arms and legs, and his wooden hinges become real knees and elbows. Pinocchio is basically the same, but he is now a walking puppet.

The new Pinocchio may be able to do this as well, i.e. he will be kept as a CGI character because he is now made of skin and bone, not wood, as in The Lion King. So in a Disney+ remake, Pinocchio will not really look real, will he? He will just appear like a different CGI character.

Option 2.Pinocchio Meets Someone Who Is A Real Human Actor

If that's the case, does that mean that when Pinocchio becomes a real boy, he will go from a CGI character to, as one would presume, the actual actor himself?

When Pinocchio finds himself on Pleasure Island, he spends a significant portion of the story with other real children, and we've seen from the Pinocchio trailer that those boys, like all other human characters, are played by real actors. It would therefore make sense that when Pinocchio transforms he goes from CGI to being played by a person. Benjamin Evan Ainsworth would most likely play Pinocchio throughout the film.

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth does not look like the CGI version of the character we have spent the movie with. He will be real, but he will no longer be Pinocchio. He will be a normal kid.

If Pinocchio pronounces himself a real boy, but then fails to look like Tom Hanks, it's quite possible that the film's world is a strange one, with humans living alongside anthropomorphic animals. However, the thought of him becoming a human in the final seconds of the film is torturing my mind.

Option 3.Pinocchio Develops Some Weird Motion Capture Hybrid

A third option is to see a motion capture CGI character that resembles a real person. After all, this is a Robert Zemeckis film, and he loves performance capture.

This might end up being the best of both worlds, but it might also be the worst of both. Maybe theyll figure a way to make Pinocchio look real while still making him appear like the Pinocchio we know, or maybe hell could look like neither thing. What if we get a clearly CGI character that only resembles a person, and the uncanny valley is deep and wide?

If the new live-action Pinocchio stays true to the animated version, we are talking about a scene that will happen in the final moments of the film. It's going to be the last thing people see and the first thing they'll remember when they think of the film later. If the transformation doesn't work or feels off in any way, it's going to ruin the whole experience.

I dont know what real boy Pinocchio will be like and I know that I'll be watching the whole film on Disney+ just thinking about how it all ends. What will they do? It's going to be strange, but I may not sleep until I've discovered the answer.