Cody Rhodes Drops A Cryptic Message Following WWE's Clash At The Castle

Cody Rhodes Drops A Cryptic Message Following WWE's Clash At The Castle ...

Warning! The following article contains spoilers for WWE's latest pay-per-view, Clash At The Castle. Read at your own risk!

Clash At The Castle, the WWE's first pay-per-view event, was a foregone conclusion. They also saw Universal Champion Roman Reigns push the limits with Drew McIntyre, but, thanks to some interference from Solo Sikoa, Reigns was able to remain alive.

Cody Rhodes stayed updated on Twitter and other social media platforms throughout his recent career. He's been out of the ring since he beat Seth Rollins, but then took a break in order to recover from a gnarly torn pec injury:

Hmm 4, 2022

In the replies, WWE fans immediately began to wonder if the star is indicating his presence at an upcoming WWE event. It's a legitimate question to ask. It's unclear how long Rhodes will need to recover from his torn pec and, even if it's healed, how much time he'll need to prepare to return to the wrestling ring.

Some speculated that the average recovery time for pec surgery would return Cody Rhodes to the WWE around the same time as the Royal Rumble. Given that the winner of the Royal Rumble often receives the title opportunity of their choice, some believe this would be the ideal opportunity to bring Rhodes back and give him the chance to not only compete in WrestleMania but also win one of the greatest WWE championships for the first time in his long wrestling career.

Wrestling would be a dream come true, but, with Triple H in charge of creative and new wrestlers joining the org at a rapid pace, plans may alter. This is particularly true with rumors of The Rock competing at WrestleMania 39 and, according to recent reports, Roman Reigns might drop the titles soon. Is it possible that The Prince Of Pro Wrestling would return soon and win that long-awaited title match?

Cody Rhodes may be sent back to Monday Night Raw or Smackdown, but not in a wrestling capacity at this time. This might help build momentum for his actual in-ring return, or even help boost the hype behind other superstars, according to a couple of weeks ago.

We can speculate throughout the day, but the only thing we know is that many WWE users want the star back. That's hoped for, because the brand desperately needs a wrestler who can finally topple Roman Reigns incredible title run.

On Mondays, the USA Network broadcasts Monday Night Raw at 8:00 p.m. ET. I dont know if Cody Rhodes will be making an appearance anytime soon, but this recent picture does raise a lot of questions.