Terrance exposes Dyre Fest in Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers

Terrance exposes Dyre Fest in Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers ...

Terrance should start to campaign, or, do whatever he believes is being campaigned at this point, considering tomorrow is the Veto Ceremony inside the Big Brother 24house.

The real issue here is that Terrance does not have many viable options to play his game. There are only seven people in the house right now, and that means that Monte, Turner, Brittany, and Taylor are the four who vote if nominations remain the same. Michael may have a stronger connection with Terrance, but he doesn't intend to use it.

So what can Terrance really do? Well, for starters, he went to Taylor today and exposed a lot of what really happened at Dyre Fest, making it clear that Joseph was an easy target, and that a lot of what he supposedly did was not true. Does anyone need to remind anyone that Terrance continued to lied for weeks about Taylor? That alone should give her no reason to want anything to do with him going forward.

Alyssa is actively attempting to schmooze Michael and Brittany, and has discussed the possibility of a final four with Monte, who is a bigger threat in competitions. Her biggest moves have been exposing alliances when she shouldnt have.

Today will likely be dominated by a lot of discussion about positioning, but wed be surprised if there was such a significant shift the night before the Veto Ceremony.

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