EG Impact is the second top laner in LCS history to earn a Pentakill

EG Impact is the second top laner in LCS history to earn a Pentakill ...

Though the League of Legends World Championship series between Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid isn't quite over, one player on the Rift has added another achievement to his long list.

Impact, the second-ever top laner to earn a Pentakill in LCS history, was assisted by Vulcans Bard, who set up the members of Liquid for his top laner in the battle to shoot down his opponents.

FACT: @Impact is only the second ever Top Laner to get a Pentakill, while @Huni is the only other one (he has 2)(top die))

Impacts' first Pentakill in the LCS, but he did it once in the LCK as part of SKT T1 nearly a decade ago. The build Impact opted for back then was more tank-oriented, making that LCK Pentakill all the more enjoyable due to his lack of focus on damage.

Huni, the only other top laner to have gotten a Pentakill in LCS history, recently announced his retirement from the professional League and ending his time on TSM.

Huni was able to win two Pentakills in his career, once on Quinn and another time on Ekko, putting him at the top of this exclusive leaderboard.

Impact is currently in a crucial game five playoffs match with the members of EG in a lower-bracket series against Liquid.

If the reigning LCS champions defeat TL, they will advance to the lower bracket finals on Saturday in Chicago, but they will be the last LCS representatives at Worlds.