Season 2 spoilers for FBI: International: Meet newcomer Smitty

Season 2 spoilers for FBI: International: Meet newcomer Smitty ...

TheFBI: Internationalseason 2 premiere will be held on Tuesday, September 20. Do you want to know more about the dome details in advance?

Christiane Paul, who played Katrin Jaeger on season 1, has been removed from the show. Eva-Jane Willis is taking on the role of Megan Smitty Garretson, who has been given a few more details in the season 2 premiere recap:

On the second season premiere of CBS Original series FBI: INTERNATIONAL, which is available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*, an American police officer on the Federal Task Force is murdered in Paris while looking into a company suspected of selling illegal weapons in France and the Middle East.

Even if there is a new person on board the show this season, we don't expect the series' structure or format to change much at all. The primary aim here has to be broadening the stakes from what we saw the first time around, and perhaps highlighting some stories that are more current in nature.

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