How to Build the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Origins Ice Staff: Code, How to Upgrade, and More

How to Build the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Origins Ice Staff: Code, How to Upgrade, and More ...

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, you will need to complete quite a few steps to construct an elemental staff. This will give you an exponentially powerful weapon that can defeat many zombies as well as the boss Panzersoldats that occasionally drop into the game.

Get the Gramophone and Record

Your first steps to becoming the Ice Staff include grabbing a Shovel, increasing points, and collecting the Gramophone and Record if your teammates get them first. The Gramophone is located in the Excavation Site underneath Pack-a-Punch.

Between the machinery and the Excavation Site sign, there is a gap between the two machines.

Next to Pack-a-Punch, on the wheelbarrow.

Behind the Excavation Site on a wall near the entrance to the Church

Place the Gramophone and Record on the table in the dig site, and the entrance to the staff room downstairs will open. When everything is finished, pick up the Gramophone.

How to build the Ice Staff in Origins

It's time to start gathering the Ice Record, Ice Crystal, and Ice Staff parts. The Record can be found in the Tank Station next to Generator 2. Here are three locations where it can be found:

When you enter the building, the table is set.

Next to the Mystery Box, a shelf is a puzzle.

Near the back door, a shelf is positioned.

When you have the Record, proceed to the Ice Staff tunnel behind the Church. It is across from the lot for Generator 6 and you must place the Gramophone to create a portal to The Crazy Place. A blue pedestal will rise when inside, allowing you to get the Ice Crystal. Return to the main map when done.

If you have a Shovel when it is snowing, you need to go to the dig sites that appear randomly around the map. It can take several rounds to recover from snowy, and it can take several rounds to return to snowy. Be sure you take advantage of the snow round when you have it. In No Mans Land between Generators 2 and 3, the top part of the map appears most commonly.

It is time to build the Ice Staff. Go to the bottom of the Excavation Site and interact with the blue altar.

How to upgrade the Ice Staff in Origins

When you have the Ice Staff, it has a relatively simple frosty burst that is a little disappointing for damage output. The shot does spread and can hit many enemies, but in this base form, we personally recommend the other staves.

Return to The Crazy Place and you will see a row of tiles above the teleporter location. There is also a blue stone that shows a specific symbol. You must match it up with the chart below and shoot the correct tile symbol in order.

If you do a draw, you will be required to start over, but you will not be forced to complete a round or deal with any other penalty. Have your teammates run the last zombie around to relieve any stress while you do this. In solo, you can pause while looking at the symbols and decide which one you should hit. You will hear Samantha speak when all symbols are turned back.

There are three tombstones around the map that you must defrost with the Ice Staff and then shoot with a bullet-based pistol (no Ray Gun) once that glow fades. They are located at the following locations:

Outside the massive robot footprint behind Juggernog

Turn right and go to the massive robot footprint between you and the Excavation Site when facing the Juggernog machine.

Generator 2 is behind the tank station, to the left of the downed giant robot hand.

Samantha will be heard again when all three gravestones are destroyed. Go around and turn the switches on the consoles here so that the rings all have blue lights on them. Shoot the orb with the Ice Staff and it will leap into the ceiling after a few seconds.

Return to The Crazy Place and place the Ice Staff on the pedestal you got the Ice Crystal from earlier. You will need a decent secondary gun, perks, and a Zombie Shield to protect yourself in here as you kill zombies to charge up the staff. When the staff inventory appears, you are done. Just be careful not to trap yourself in the changing walls.

When you have the upgraded Ice Staff, you may charge its shot to send out a blast of ice that will freeze opponents and is quite deadly against Panzersoldats. This form of the Ice Staff is much superior and more comparable to the other staves' features. If you use the d-pad, you may turn your staff around, shot down deceased teammates, and instantly revive them from a distance.