After a teased Charlie Potthasts return, the 90-day fiance: Happily Ever After

After a teased Charlie Potthasts return, the 90-day fiance: Happily Ever After ...

Warning! The following sections include spoilers from the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? episode Truth and Bitter Truth. Read at your own risk!

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is off to a good start as the all-star couples of Season 7 are already embroiled in popcorn-ready drama. Of course, everything was mostly calm in the latest episode, at least until Libby's mother Pamela mentioned wanting her brother to be present for a family event, which ruined the positive vibes. However, does this mean fans will be able to reconnect with one of the 90 Day franchise's most famous family members?

According to everyone's reactions in the episode, Andrei does not want that to happen, which is also the case with Pamela and her sisters Becky and Jenn. As Pamela tried to sway Charlie to show up for her upcoming birthday, the rest of her kids agreed that it was a terrible idea. That incident, combined with the one Charlie made at Andrei and Libby's wedding in Moldova, was clearly enough rude behavior for everyone.

According to the fact that few in the family seem to want anything to do with Charlie, at least until he gets treatment for any possible problems that led to the above events, it's hard to dispute the non-existent family dynamic by looking at Charlie's Instagram page, where he's shared a lot of photos with his wife and kids since 2020 (he did take some shots of them after his wife appeared on 90 Day Bares All in 2021).) He actually justified his behavior toward Andrei and others.

Charliepotthast's blog post (opens in new tab)

On Facebook, a photo was posted.

All of this suggests that we may not see Charlie on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7, although the negatives aren't the only ones to consider. For instance, it may seem strange for there to be any Charlie-specific drama in Libby and Andrei's life right now, especially to the point where those moments were left in the episode edits. If Charlie isn't being set up to return in some way, those moments weren't so essential that viewers could truly see them play out.

Even if it isnt specifically at Pamelas' party, it almost feels as though this episode is geared toward Charlie's participation: one picture on Pamelas' Instagram account is of a birthday photoshoot at the beach, with the photo and caption making it appear as if Libby and Andrei were not there:

Pamela Putnam (@pamelaputnam1) has shared a post on her website (opens in new tab)

On this page, a photo was taken by an anonymous user.

It's easy to make assumptions that Charlie was absent, but we're not sure if this was the event Pamela was referring to, so its impossible to conclude anything definitively based on this picture. I do think there is a chance that Charlie will appear, and that's what we'll have to wait and see if he does.

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