Aaron wins the Panda Cup: Almost Pro at the PAX West 2022 Arena without losing a single set

Aaron wins the Panda Cup: Almost Pro at the PAX West 2022 Arena without losing a single set ...

Aaron has been a solid player in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but he has always been underrated. However, PAX West 2022 has finally shown us what Aaron is like when his flashes of brilliance transform into games of master-class Diddy Kong.

Aaron won two championships with his trusty main, Diddy Kong, at PAX, defeating Light and WaDi, and two against Kola, the other being in the grand finals.

Aarona's interaction with Diddy Kong's banana peel was flawless, with even the critics implying that this might be a historical renaissance for Aarona, which can be seen in his performance: he did not drop a single set.

PAX West wins on light, and Kola x2Embrace destiny. #StayMoist pic.twitter.com/0ODO8h5gyd

Light slammed out of his composure and failed to finish many games. He apologised on Twitter, saying he's been having a lot of misinputs and nerves taking over while on stage.

He occupied third place just behind Kola and Aaron.

Extremely tired of misinputingExtremely tired of nerves.And Extremely tired of myself because I am the sole one to blame.

Kola, according to the reports, was not even seeded in the top three of Almost Pro, nor was he even seeded below Larry, which is strange considering that Kola has been putting out impressive results, unlike Larry, who hasnt been in the top 8s lately.

lol I didn't pick up a top 3 seed.

Aaron was previously beaten, but he has always outperformed his seed, but, much to his surprise, he continues to be seeded low whenever he goes to events. It has even become a household name.

At my cousins birthday party tournament, I'm still hoping to beat the 8th seed.

Aaron, Kola, and Light always make an appearance in the top eight of events, and this event just demonstrates how powerful the Smash Ultimate roster of Moist Esports is.

Kola and Light have always been excellent, but this is the first time Aaron has finally had the spotlight on him. Because of that, he qualifies for the Panda Cup Finale as an outcome of winning this tournament.