Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Fears for the Future (day 61)

Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Fears for the Future (day 61) ...

In some ways, were approaching the end of the day in Big Brother 24, yet, its only the beginning for some in the house. With the way that some of these players tend to stay up late, who knows how long everyone will be talking about whats coming?

The first thing that's noteworthy here is that everyone assumes Michael will not be able to use Veto's power. That assumption is correct, but should you at least try harder if you are Terrance or Alyssa? Terrance has thrown so many people under the bus, yet DJ Showtime has yet to weave a new tale about this.

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What people are more concerned about right now are some future forecasts. On tonights new episode, Brittany made the strange comment that she wants to go to the final two with Michael because theyve gone through everything together. It's strange to be so cool with winning second place, but it's okay.

Brittany is concerned that someone like Turner or Monte might win Head of Household, theyll target Michael, and he may end up winning Veto. She may not realize that Taylor would consider targeting Michael, which she should. Anyone who removes him from the house gets a significant boost to their resume.

The following weeks could be interesting, given that Brittany, Taylor, and Alyssa expressed concerns about Monte tonight, who might win the game in a landslide at the end. Terrance is obviously a fan of social games, so please do not delay.