A member of the Challenge cast criticizes the co-star, saying, "I don't respect that guy."

A member of the Challenge cast criticizes the co-star, saying, "I don't respect that guy." ...

Cashay Proudfoot was eliminated from the arena against Sarah Lacina for the first time this season.

Cashay and her partner at the time, Domenick Abbate, were eliminated from the elimination and won in the third episode of the season. At that time, Dom stated that he was not pleased with getting paired with Cash, and the Love Island alum has now retaliated against her former co-star.

Dom revealed in a confessional that he had been paired with several Love Island stars and was hoping to get someone a little closer in the [maturity] level when the algorithm matched them up. During their challenge, he said, "Everything that comes out of her mouth drives me absolutely crazy."

Dom began telling others that he wanted to be eliminated from the game because he was prepared, and Cashay said it wasnt a wise move. Cinco Holland Jr., Cashay's ex-boyfriend, she's so smart.

Cashs' elimination from The Challenge: USA prompted her to declare that she did not have anything good to say about Dom and said that he could catch these hands.

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Cashay said she thought the couple were ok after their elimination win until she saw his confessions.

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Dom and Cash almost lost the elimination because Dom forgot to plug the hole in his tank to halt the water draining. However, Cash was quick enough to solve the puzzle and they were able to win the match without all the water drained.

Cashay said in an interview after the Survivor arena victory that she thought Dom and the team were great.

And then I watched the replay back and realized how he was talking about me, and I just don't appreciate it.

She told Wendell that she reached out to Dom on social media to express her displeasure for his actions and that the Survivor star did not even apologize.

Cashay also called out Dom for a tweet he shared while the 3rd episode was being aired.

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Cashay made several other statements during the episode, including a tweet from Dom that she didn't like. The Survivor star wrote on Twitter that, "This victory would not have been possible without [Cinco's] assistance."

Cashay replied to her co-star, Or without your partner who can operate well under pressure with a steady hand while you didnt do your primary job, which was to not allow the water to drain out.

Cash explained following Shendell's interview:

It's not even the fact that he was trash-talking me on the program in interviews, it's the tweet of him literally lauding Cinco for our victory. I'm not impressed with that man.

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