Splatoon 3 has been leaked a week early, and spoilers are everywhere

Splatoon 3 has been leaked a week early, and spoilers are everywhere ...

Fans of Splatoon 3 are warned: The highly anticipated Nintendo sequel has arrived a little prematurely (seven days, to be exact) and spoilers have already spilled onto Reddit, YouTube, and other social media.

The newest game in the Splatoon series hasn't gone without a hitch, with spoilers littering social media after some players got their hands on the title early.

The spoiler floodgates have been opened, and the Splatoon subreddit has taken action by removing any spoiler-filled content so that players who want to enjoy the game after its official release date may do so without spoilers.

Fans of the Splatoon series are finding YouTube a dangerous hotspot. Spoilers are being emitted from thumbnails and titles in particular. YouTube is yet to remove spoiler content, and enthusiasts are hoping the platform will take action soon.

Reports are circulating about uncrackable versions of the game floating around the internet, with some reports stating that the games files are being dumped on the PC.

Glad to be safe, these leaks will only affect the single-player aspect of Splatoon. Multiplayer will not be available until Friday, September 9, so fans may still have a few surprises ahead of them.

The official release date for Splatoon 3 is also September 9, so fans will have to keep their eyes on YouTube and Reddit for a little longer.