From Pokemon Sword & Shield: Lost Origin, these are the best cards to pull

From Pokemon Sword & Shield: Lost Origin, these are the best cards to pull ...

The time has come to an end for Pokemon TCG collectors: Lost Origin is expected to arrive in the West later this week, and as a result, you may be wondering which cards in the set to watch out for.

TCG collectors may want a card for a variety of reasons, whether it be its value, its effectiveness in-game, or simply its appearance, but for those seeking to make the most of their collection, it may be a mix of all of the above.

As we approach launch day we do not have all of the information on what Lost Origin will be able to offer, but we have some idea of what will be of use.

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Lost Origin's best cards to pull

As the set hasn't yet arrived, it's impossible to predict which cards will be the best pulls, but by looking at the OCG releases which are included in Lost Origin, we can speculate on which of the highest-value cards will appear.

The finest card you can pull from the Lost Abyss side of the set will be the alternate art secret rare version of Giratina V. This card is currently selling for around $250 ungraded, and the English version will likely fetch a similar price.

The Gold version of Giratina VSTAR is another of the most expensive additions to the Lost Abyss collection, although, unlike other cards, it is yet to be confirmed for this English set.

Another card that seems to be attracting buyer interest is the rare form of Aerodactyl from the Lost Abyss' alternate art secret.

One of the most popular cards in the upcoming Dark Phantasma set is the new Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR, which can be found in regular and secret rare forms. Together with Enamorous V and Radiant Gardevoir, these cards will be sure to enrage fans.

At the time of the show, we wont know for sure exactly which cards are of interest, but any of the sets from the Trainer Gallery will be worth collecting as in the past these have proved to be popular additions.

This article will be updated when more information about which cards are attracting the most interest from Lost Abyss.