After a hidden new Seize technology was discovered, VALORANT players want Fade nerfed

After a hidden new Seize technology was discovered, VALORANT players want Fade nerfed ...

In the VALORANT meta, Fade is undoubtedly a strong character, with new approaches to surprise opponents popping regularly. However, as each character is introduced into a Riot Games title, there are still a few flaws that must be addressed.

Players believe theyve found something that needs to be changed this week. Fades overpowered ability has taken to Twitter and the VALORANT subreddit to express their concerns.

Fade is the most recent member of the playable VALORANT roster. The Turkish initiator was released in April 2022, with fans only recently realizing her potential.

A VALORANT player, careertwitch, has shared an OP seized line-up they discovered on TikTok, calling the move "abuse."

OK this is busted guaranteed free kill every round

Seize is a term used by artists to describe their VALORANT abilities.

The opponent is kept in the specific area when a player is in the ability's radius, which makes them deaf and causes them to lose up to 75 HP. If a player is in the ability's radius, the decay can keep them there for 4.5 seconds, and it only costs Fade players 200 credits to use.

This video from Careertwitch is called a bungee. This move has begun to make waves in the VALORANT community, with line-ups appearing everywhere on Reddit and YouTube.

Darkandy1 and other Reddit users have made entertaining line-up tutorials, highlighting its vast potential and the necessity for VALORANT nerfs.

Once players are in the area, they are unable to leave the area until the effect is over. This makes bungeeing extremely beneficial because player accuracy decreases significantly when flying.

Although the move is typically pixel-perfect, it can absolutely destroy an attack with ease.

Other abilities, such as haunt and prowler, are incredible. The added bonus of seize is the cherry on the top for Fade mains.

If these round-ruining moves persist, there's a good possibility the Riot will take action and balance the issue in a future VALORANT update.