In Rumbleverse, the best landing spots

In Rumbleverse, the best landing spots ...

Rumbeverse is the latest blockbuster battle royale game, which involves players engaging in melee combat to outrun each other. However, the best spots are only known to those who are most curious.

Till Dot Esports reveals everything, that is.

Best places to land in Rumbleverse

Some Rumbleverse locations aren't well-known yet, so make sure you get as much from each location before it's overflowing with enemies.

Here are a few of the best Rumbleverse drop spots:

  • Grapital City
  • Gazebogon
  • Trophy Heights

The quiet areas at Grapital City aren't the most intense, but they're packed with gems to keep players going.

The Gazebogon is a fantastic base to drop, however, players who land there must beware, as you will be exposed to a lot of different angles. The advantage of this open area is that there are many strategies to escape. Just make sure you don't get elbowed from the rooftop.

The Graptial Building is the next best place to land. This is a popular place for Rumbleverse players to land and is by far the most dangerous spot to drop. It offers incredible loot and if you succeed, you'll be on the winning path.

Trophy Heights is a safe haven for players as it offers plenty of space to breathe. The swimming pool and the front yard contain a wealth of treasure that will help players prepare for the endgame.

There you have it. Several sections will be difficult, but they will give players loot-galore to fight over, and areas that are quiet with too much loot to carry.

These are the best locations for Rumbleverse players to land. As the game changes and areas change, please keep us updated.