In League of Legends, all ranked borders

In League of Legends, all ranked borders ...

Players can enter the game's ranked mode to earn a chance of earning a ranked border during the party creation and loading screen of the game.

Youll earn one of the nine ranked borders in the Leagues current season. Youll begin in Iron during your placement matches and have the possibility to climb up to Gold later if you can maintain a good winrate. Below is a list of all the borders that you may see during your climb.

Here are a list of all the League's top-ranked borders.


According to League of Graphs data, Iron is the lowest level in the ladder, and 2.2 percent of players are part of this tier. This tier was recently added because Riot thought there would need to be additional levels at the bottom and top levels of the ladder to deplete players from Bronze and Masters.


According to League of Graphs data, Bronze has 20 percent of players, with the majority of them concentrated in Bronze I. This tier was the last one players could get into by losing games before Iron was introduced.


Silver has the highest percent of players at 37, according to League of Graphs. The largest part, 9.7 percent, is concentrated in Silver II, mostly due to the fact that new accounts after placements end up in Silver.


According to League of Graphs, gold used to be the main tier players aspired to acquire. It also provided them with a Victorious skin to show their achievement.


Platinum has 9.8 percent of players in this tier. Its the middle tier sought after by many players. This is the first difficult step before reaching Diamond. Platinum IV is a level 4 title.


Diamond V used to have the highest percentage of players in the past. With its decommission, a lot of players were demoted to Platinum I while others climbed to Diamond IV. Around 1.5 percent of players are a part of this tier, with the highest 0.68 percent sitting at Diamond IV.


According to League of Graphs, Master is the first tier that has no divisions. Players can earn more than 100 LP, and if they meet a certain threshold, theyll be promoted to Grandmaster. Once players reach this level, they are often looking for opportunities to join professional League players in various academy leagues throughout the world.


Grandmaster is one of the League's two apex levels that has the most skilled and competitive players in the region. Players must pass a minimum threshold of 200 LP in order to be promoted to Grandmaster.


League of Legends reports that Challenger is the second apex level in the League. Most professional players or solo queue stars are in this tier, creating a highly competitive environment for those who reach it. There are also limited slots depending on the server.