Everything You Need to Know About Netflix's One-Day Drama

Everything You Need to Know About Netflix's One-Day Drama ...

One Day, written by David Nicholls, and turned into a film directed by Anne Hathaway in 2011, is being adapted for a Netflix series. Amika Mob is now the breakout star of This Is Going to Hurt.

Nicole Taylor leads the writing team, which includes Bijan Sheibani, Anna Jordan, and Vinay Patel. One Day is a Drama Republic production co-produced by Focus Features and Universal International Studios.

Everything you need to know about Netflix's One Day season 1 is being kept current.

Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew meet on the exact same day every year since they met at university in 1988, witness their growth, move together and apart, and experience joy and sorrow.

Here's a more in depth synopsis of the plot:

Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley met for the first time in 1988. Both realize that they will have to do something different the following day, after college graduation. After only one day together, they can't help but think about each other.

Dex and Em continue to live different lives, completely different from the ones they intended to become as they grow older. However, because they are unable to give up everything that took them that first night, the two form an extraordinary bond. Pictures showing that link have been presented on the same day every year for the past 20 yearsJuly 15th.

Dex and Em are in for squabbles and arguments, hopes and missed opportunities, joy, and grief. When the true significance of this one important day is revealed, they must accept the reality of love and existence.

Anne Hathaway starred in a feature film adaptation of the novel in 2011, which was distributed by Universal Pictures and grossed $59 million at the box office on a budget of $15 million.

The film trailer is below, and it will be available on Netflix in 12 countries, including Canada, on December 27th, 2021.

Who plays One Day in the cast?

Ambika Mod, well-known for her role as Shruti in the British drama This Is Going to Hurt, will play Emma Morley.

Dexter Mayhew has been cast by another newcomer, Leo Woodall. Woodall has previously starred in the 2021 crime thriller Cherry on Netflix and The White Lotus on HBO Original tv comedy.

Sylvie will play Eleanor Tomlinson, who previously acted as Hayley in the Netflix wedding comedy Love Wedding Repeat. She is well-known for playing Demelza Poldark in the British historical drama Poldark.

When will Netflix release One Day?

Filming is now ongoing, having begun on July 4th, although it is unclear when it will finish.

Netflix has no specific release date for One Day, although we can certainly expect it around 2023. Wed stick with the July 15, 2023 timeline, since thats when our lead cast meets every year during the story.

Although the number of episodes has not been recorded, we might anticipate an average of eight or 10.