Kris Jenner Was Hurt By Kanye West's Instagram Rant, It's Not Surprising!

Kris Jenner Was Hurt By Kanye West's Instagram Rant, It's Not Surprising! ...

Kanye West ruffled her hat on Instagram, then opened up, saying, "It's not that surprising," according to Kanye West.

It is always obvious to get hurt by a celebrity's statement or actions on social media that aren't accepted by the family.

If personal life began to surface on social media by them, whether it is related to the divorce or the couple's having a disagreement with their families, things become hated or hurtful. This has happened, but not the first time, with Kanye West, who has hurt Kris Jenner due to his social media posts.

Kanye West's recent actions have wreaked havoc on Kim Kardashian, as well as her 66-year-old mother Kris Jenner. She was stunned when she saw her son respond in her own way on social media. He has accused them of dressing their daughters as playboys.

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Kris Jenner Reveals What Kanye West Said

Kris Jenner was shocked by Kanye West's willingness to admit all of these things she has never done. According to the source, Kanye West has gone this time too far with what he said on 1 September.

According to the report, Kim knows that if she were to speak up and apologize to Kanye, she would only escalate the situation, and that is the last thing she wants, or needs, at this time. Kris believes that she must respect her and keep the kids away from it.

Kris was also ecstatic when she discovered that Kim and Kanye had hung out with the kids lately, and she was hoping that he had turned over a new leaf. Unfortunately, she doesn't think hell will ever change.

Kris Jenner has always made every effort to ensure that everyone in her family is safe and doing well in everything. It is not just her youthful years, but she continues to care for her children and grandchildren.

Kris Jenner is surprised by Kanye West's behavior but is unsurprised by all of these things when he took to social media and created so much havoc for the family. Kim Kardashian and all her family members are now used to these behaviors of Kanye West and that is the reason why they have begun ignoring it.