The release date, cast, and more for the Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes starrer Do Revenge

The release date, cast, and more for the Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes starrer Do Revenge ...

Do Revenge is a upcoming Netflix dark comedy that chronicles the adventures of two young men who band in order to combat each other's bullies.

Drea, played by Riverdales Camila Mendes, who seeks vengeance on her lover for leaked her sex video, and transfer student Eleanor, played by Stranger Things Maya Hawke, who becomes a social misfit after a girl spreads a lie that she attempted to hold her back and kiss her.

The couple band together and vow to do each other's dirty work in this Hitchcockian comedy.

Everything we know about Do Revenge is presented below.

What is the plot of Do Revenge?

Drea (Alpha, fallen it girl) and Eleanor (beta, a new character at school) join forces to track down one another's tormentors, according to the formal Netflix synopsis. Do Revenge is a twisted Hitchcockian dark comedy with the most terrifying protagonists of all: young females.

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the filmmaker who spoke to Elle about the film, said, "I believe there are different periods in this tale when everybody is the devil and everyone is the hero." It's a big part of growing up.

According to the official Netflix synopsis, Drea (Alpha, fell it) returns after a brief rendezvous.

Who is in the cast of Do Revenge?

Do Revenge will feature a celebrity cast from some of the greatest teenage programs, including Euphorias Austin Abrams as Dreas ex-lover Max, 13 Reasons Why actress Alisha Boe as Dreas's closest friend Tara, and Outer Banks veteran Jonathan Daviss as Max's pal Elliot.

Rishi Shah (Ms. Marvel) will play Russ, Ava Capri (Love, Victor) will play Carissa, Maia Reficco (Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin) will play Gabbi, Talia Ryder (Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always) will play Gabbi, and Paris Berelc (Alexa & Katie) will play Meghan.


On August 9, 2022, Netflix released the teaser for Do Revenge. The video begins with a shot of a contemporary coastal town backed by scenes from a chic private high school. Drea is a 17-year-old who believes in meticulously cultivating the perfect existence. She has a gang of ideal friends and a perfect lover, Max, thanks to her stylish outfit and hairdos.

Drea will have to confront her fall, as with every other school Alpha. In order to satisfy Maxs sexual desires, Drea creates a dangerously seductive and nude video of her for his pleasure.

What was supposed to be Max's personal viewing pleasure becomes the school's biggest story, giving him a literal flying punch to the nose.

Drea, who has grown up fearing high school disgrace, isnt prepared to let Max walk away without a conflict. Eleanor, the new alt girl on the block, finds Drea and offers her a ride. Throughout the journey, Eleanor expresses her gratitude for Drea, stating that her life has been ruined since Carissa Jones made a slanderous story about her.

Drea proposes an unusual strategy: band up and take revenge on one another, with Drea ruining Carissa and Eleanor taking down Max. The two quickly go to work, but will everything go as planned? After all, nothing is more savage than a group of enraged adolescent women.

When and Where Can You Stream Do Revenge?

Mark your calendar and save the date! Netflix will release Do Revenge on September 16, 2022.