The best Switch fighting games

The best Switch fighting games ...

This guide has been updated and cleaned for the 1st of September 2022. We've included all the latest and greatest fighting games in it.

Years after the release, gamers may look back at the Nintendo Switch's library and select from a slew of strategic and entertaining fighting games, no matter how you like to play them. There are titles you will not find anywhere else, like ARMS, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and the criminally underrated Pokken Tournament DX, all of which add something different to the game.

Then there are the smaller games like Dragon Ball Fighterz and Mortal Kombat XI that stand out on the handheld device. Even the old favorites are brought back with love in games like Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, a museum to the series at large with a huge collection of the series' best titles.

The Nintendo Switch is the ideal place to get your fighting game fix, whether you're learning to perform or are just getting started in the arena. Pick your main, invite some friends, and choose where to battle!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The latest Super Smash Bros game features perhaps the finest character roster ever created. It continues to grow since its release, but also dramatically improves the incredible gameplay fans know and love. Joining them are left-field players like Sephiroth and Minecrafts Steve in a truly chaotic collection of fighters.

Despite its portability, the Nintendo Switch makes it even easier to teach your pals a lesson from wherever you are. Smashing has never been so easy, nor had so many options, yet we have no clue where it may go next?

If you're interested in which character is the best, we recommend you visit our Super Smash Bros Ultimate tier list.


ARMS may have just been a fun and educational game for Nintendo that incorporated the Joy-Cons, but in reality, it's a smart and methodical fighter, unlike anything the company had ever attempted before, while still retaining a lot of style.

Each well-designed character has equippable appendages called ARMS, and there's a large amount of choice to choose from for your character and play style. It's also buttery smooth, even online, and with the somewhat slower-paced gameplay, it might be the ideal fit for younger players.

Pokken Tournament DX

It used to be that combining Pokemon and Tekken was not something we could have wished for, but now it's a game that's both enjoyable and difficult to master. Pikachu, Charizard, and even a sentient chandelier with ghost/fire type Chandelure are all that you need to know about this amazing game.

Dragon Ball Fighterz

Dragon Ball Fighterz, a fighting-themed anime, has had more video game adaptations over the years, but none have looked quite as good as the previous ones. The cast includes classic fan favorites, as well as newer characters from Dragon Ball Super, so anyone will find something to like.

Mortal Kombat XI

Mortal Kombat XI, a violent and vicious game, proves that the series has no intentions of stopping, and that it is only getting better with age. As the fatalities rise, so too is the roster, as MKXI features an incredible array of DLC characters, including action heroes like Rambo, The Terminator, and Robocop himself. All of this content is available to anyone who wants to play this game for months.

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection

Capcom has put together a bumper package to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Street Fighters, from the original to Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, and every release in between. You may also play online in a few, as well as access a vast treasure trove of archive material, including concept art, music, and historical information.

Samurai Shodown

This Samurai Shodown remake attempts to recreate the classic series for modern audiences while keeping the action fluid without too much of an impact on the graphics. The fantastic characters and cartoon art style definitely help, and this latest entry in the long-running franchise has a bunch of fantastic single-player and multiplayer modes to keep fight lovers busy.

Capcom Fighting Collection

Another superb Capcom compilation, this one includes a few lesser-known and harder-to-find titles, including Puzzle Fighter, several games from the Darkstalkers, and obscure titles like Cyberbots and Red Earth.

Every item in this collection is beautifully preserved, with a slew of new features for any fan of the genre to discover. Each title has also implemented online features with rollback netcode, making finding people to play with have never been easier or more enjoyable.

So, here's what we've covered so far! There are plenty more fighting games to choose from, but these are the ones that no fighting game enthusiast should be without. Keep checking back on Pocket Tactics for all the latest information, reviews, and features about mobile and Nintendo gaming.