CSing Guidelines for League of Legends

CSing Guidelines for League of Legends ...

League of Legends is a complex MOBA brimming with new concepts that only leave the new players in a state of amazement and confusion. Since concepts such as CSing, laning, and teamfight are separate concepts that require time, dedication, and game knowledge to be fully understood and mastered, it is absolutely impossible to jump into a game and perfect them.

The easiest way to grasp these essential League concepts is to begin by getting an idea of the basic principles, general rules, and tricks and tricks. Once the basic principles have become an unconscious habit that requires little to no effort to execute optimally, you can go deeper to discover exceptions to rules and match-dependant guides.

Although every League concept requires time and effort to grasp and implement fully, CSing is unquestionably one of the most labor-intensive skills to perfect due to its enormous potential for advancement into a champion. On top of that, CSing also plays a significant role in gaining experience and gold. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to improve your average CS.

What is CSing?

League is a MOBA game that operates on the principle of 30-minutes-long matches where all your hard-earned powers only last the duration of the match. While players in MMORPG games gain gold and experience from killing lane minions who usually meet in the middle of the lane to defend their territory, players in League gain gold and experience from killing them.

The act of killing lane minions and jungle monsters in League is known as CSing. While CSing refers to the act of killing lane minions, CS typically refers to the amount of already executed minions that have given you gold and experience. Farming is a general term used to refer to champions killing both lane minions and jungle monsters to gain gold and experience.

How to improve your average CS?

The ideal CS per minute score is ten, although this is highly unlikely in real-time scenarios due to a slew of unexpected game-changing factors such as ganks, lack of lane pressure, and Summoner Spells. Therefore, the best approach is to outfarm your enemy laner, since you will always have the upper hand in skirmishes, teamfights, and trades with your bonus experience and items.

The ideal strategy to improve your average CS would be to practice and limit-test your champion in the practice tool. Another useful exercise is the hyperfocused CSing in practice tool when you try to reach 10 CS per minute.

Understanding the wave management, roaming times, and ability to spot the enemy jungler all have an impact on your CS numbers. Although roaming timings and tracking the enemy jungler to avoid or outplay ganks do affect your average CS, proper wave management can win you the laning phase and even the game.

Proper wave management involves recognizing when to push, freeze, or slow the wave. The most common scenarios that involve pushing the wave are:

  • Imminent teamfights and skirmishes around objectives.
  • Roaming and ganking.
  • Trying to break a freeze.

When you want to lure the enemy laner into a gank or if you want to engage with a weaker enemy laner, freezing the wave is the best choice of action. Slow pushes are typically the best choice of action when planning a back or if you want to dive the enemy laner with your jungler.

CSing tips and tricks

Although each champion has a unique CSing style, there are, in fact, general tips and tricks that can serve as the guiding principles.

  • Avoid using your spells to CS because you never know when the enemy might open on you unless you need to break a freeze.
  • If youre CSing under your turret, remember that melee minions need to take two turret hits before you can last hit them. Caster minions, on the other hand, need to tank only one turret shot and an auto attack before you can last hit them.
  • Constantly pay attention to the minions health and position appropriately. If the desired minion is low on HP, approach the wave. If the minion is full HP, step away from the wave.
  • Learn the champions animation and understand their attack speed.
  • Set yourself a desired goal each match and try to beat it.
  • Think about the wave positioning constantly and respond to the enemys wave management