Former RHONY Star Is Gonna Be a Doctor, According to PHOTO

Former RHONY Star Is Gonna Be a Doctor, According to PHOTO ...

A former Real Housewives of New York star is putting her time away from the program to become a doctor.

Alex McCord announced that she had completed another step in her PhD journey on August 30.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Alex McCord, a former RHONY star, professes that he will become a PhD candidate.

Alex McCord (@mccordalex) has shared a post.

McCord announced the milestone milestone on Instagram.

Im going to be a PhD!!! I just submitted my research proposal and my doctoral candidacy has been confirmed!! she wrote.

Simon Van Kempen, McCord's husband, tweeted about her masters degree completion two years ago.

The boys and I wanted to commemorate Alexs' incredible achievement by seeing her walk across the stage to receive her Masters degree, but like so many others have experienced 2020 graduations are not what we expected, according to People. What I do know is that nothing will prevent her from receiving her PhD in person.

From seasons 1 through 4, she has been on the program. The couple has since relocated from New York to Australia, where she has completed her degree.

Fans of Alex have a lot of fun celebrating his post-bravo feat.

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The fans of the program discussed the news on Reddit during the launch.

Someone wrote that this is the doctor I need in my life.

Ala Dr.Wendy, that's Dr.Alex to us! a fan commented. Im so proud of Alex!

Alex has had the best post-Bravo trajectory of all time. She now has a PhD, according to a fan.

Alex, I think Shell make a fantastic psychologist, and a PhD, once she finishes it, is an incredible achievement. She has probably the best emotional intelligence Ive ever seen in a housewife.

I love her bio, it's so nice and simple, and there's no need to see housewives in her life, as if it were a fun moment in her life, but it didn't define the rest of her life, you know.

A fan said she and Simon are still together, she is achieving greatness in school, and theyre just livin their lives. LIVIN. So many people had negative opinions about them, and they just keep going.

Alex has become one of my long-time favorites! Even though I hated them their first year, they are still romantic interests. She's laughing till the end, Dr. McCord!

A fan pointed out that Bethenny is the most successful NY housewife to have a successful career and a happy healthy family. She went for a life change and made it happen. However, Bethenny may be rich as f***, and with ex-familiar difficulties, Id much prefer to have Alex's life.

Someone said, I believe she had one of the most successful post-RH lives. While she and Simon were adamant and pressed for fame at the end, they eventually charted a different path, are still married, and are achieving new professional goals that are totally normal!