After her Instagram rant, Kim Kardashian urges Kanye West to stop

After her Instagram rant, Kim Kardashian urges Kanye West to stop ...

Kanye West, who has not been particularly active on social media for a long time, accessed his Instagram page and shared several screenshots from recent conversations with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West also posted several comments in which he criticized Kim's parenting, referred to Hollywood as a s***el, and referred to the country as a large brothel. The remarks have been removed at this time.

Kanye West is likely to have initiated the disagreement by expressing his displeasure with the school his children are attending. His suggestion is that they attend Donda Academy, the one he founded in 2021, rather than a well-known private school like the one he attended.

Kanye West claims that Kim is trying to be the decision maker since she is half-white, despite the fact that Kim had texted him to please stop. Neither Calabasas nor Hulu have any say in the school my kids will attend; it's up to me. I will not give up until I have a voice in the care of my children, no matter what the legal requirements may be.

Kanye West's social media outburst continued as he talked about his past obsession with p*rn and how it destroyed his family. He wrote to his daughters North and Chicago, "Don't allow Kris to dictate that you do playboy like she did." (Kylie and Kim) do it.

He made a reference to Kris' actions towards Kylie and Kim. He continued by saying that Hollywood is a massive brothel.

My family was ruined by p*rnography. I am dealing with an addiction that Instagram encourages. I am not going to allow that to happen with North and Chicago.

Kanye West Had a Meeting With Kim Kardashian For Kids Schooling, According To Another Read

Here's what Kim Kardashian said about Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian had also posted a note from her mother, Kris Jenner, that said, "I'm nearly 67 years old, and I don't always feel well, and this concern me to no end." In another post, Kanye West responded, "Yall do not have any control over my black children, and where they go to school."

Kanye has posted his conversations with Kim via text messages on one of his social media platforms for the first time.

Kim Kardashian's relationship with Pete Davidson ended when the rapper made his displeasure about the situation public by posting screenshots of text conversations between him and Kim on social media.

Kim told her about Kanyes' apparent bipolar illness in 2020, while the couple was still married. She stated that anyone who has this or has a loved one in their life who does understands how difficult and overwhelming it can be.