During a coffee run in New York City, Zendaya and Tom Holland hold their hands

During a coffee run in New York City, Zendaya and Tom Holland hold their hands ...

Spider-freakish neighbors are now enjoying themselves in the Big Apple. On September 2, Zendaya and Tom Holland were seen walking around lower Manhattan holding hands while making their way to a coffee shop.

Tom wore a purple baseball cap and blue pants, and he and his partner dressed in a manner that was considered casual.

The actress was seen walking around with a cup of iced coffee while wearing a face mask, a grey T-shirt, and a multicolored scarf. Claire Stoermer, Zendayas mother, accompanied her daughter on the walk.

The couple went out together the next day after the Euphoria star's 26th birthday celebrations the previous day with her mother and fellow cast member Hunter Schafer.

When Zendaya dined at MAMO Italian Restaurant in SoHo, she wore boyfriend jeans, black heels, and a long-sleeve crop top.

Tom wore a long-sleeved flannel, turquoise slacks, and Adidas shoes to complete his look. Hunter was said to have entered the restaurant while wearing a face mask and a flowing black-and-yellow outfit.

Zendaya Celebrated Her 26th Birthday With Tom Holland in Crop Top!

Here are a few pictures of Tom and Zendaya together.

Zendaya expressed her gratitude on September 2, posting a lovely flashback photo of herself when she was a kid. She can be seen in her birthday Instagram photo gazing directly into the camera with an excited grin. She also has butterfly face paint on one of her cheeks.

I get to reply to the most lovely messages, according to her in the picture caption (sorry Im a bit late).

Thank you for enthusing my heart with such generosity, and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to do so again this year.

As is likely to be the case, the happy couple will not be able to commemorate her big day in person. Why? Last month, the English actor shared a video that was three minutes long in which he confessed that he gets caught up in reading online remarks and that he had made the decision to erase his Instagram account.

Tom first publicly acknowledged his friendship with Zendaya a year ago, on the occasion of her birthday celebrations, by uploading a picture of himself dressed as Spider-Man with Zendaya smiling and tucked into his neck.

He said in the posts description, I hope you have the most wonderful birthday possible, MJ. Please contact me as soon as you are able. Zendaya's response was Calling immediately.

Zendaya explained why she and her husband prefers to keep their relationship private in a conversation with GQ in November 2021. She said, "It's just that when you really love and care about someone, certain moments or things, you wish you'd had them as."