The Ghosts team explains why the original pilot was kept under wraps

The Ghosts team explains why the original pilot was kept under wraps ...

Ghosts, a BBC comedy, has had a conversation with the co-creators of the show about why the original pilot was kept under wraps.

Mathew Baynton explained that the producers of Ghosts rejected the initial broadcast slot offered for it at the Edinburgh TV festival because they felt it was not ready to air.

"It provided an opportunity to] make some mistakes and learn from them." he added (via RadioTimes).

Baynton continued to explain how the original pilot appeared, saying, "We [appeared as] eight ghosts, [went and got changed], [then filmed] eight more, then went and got changed [again].

"You'd build a house that was so endless that every week, you'd discover new ghosts."

Baynton said that when the team reviewed the pilot, the program creators realized that having a "ballroom full of ghosts" did not quite fit their aim.

"Ghosts" is a movement that involves people who are stuck with situations they can't get on with, according to the author. "If there are 100 ghosts, they can all just look for a few companions and avoid the ones they don't like."

Alison and Mike Cooper are joined by their wifeCharlotte Ritchie and Kiell Smith-Bynoe as they attempt to renovate a crumbling house they had previously purchased. Their plans are jeopardized when the resident ghosts try everything in their power to halt the renovations.

Alison's near-death experience leads her to interacting with the ghosts, and she arranges a co-existence with the house's deceased inhabitants.

Late last year, a fourth season of the show was confirmed, and while there is no official release date yet, filming for the series began in March this year.

Seasons one, two, and three of Ghosts are available on BBC iPlayer. Season four will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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