Southern Charm Star Shows Off 20-Pound Weight Loss

Southern Charm Star Shows Off 20-Pound Weight Loss ...

A Southern Charm star spoke forth about his recent weight gain. Craig Conovers is a veteran cast member who has gone up and down since he joined the Bravo reality show in 2014. However, his now-healthy weight comes following a major wake-up call.

Conover has been vocal about his addiction to Adderall, a prescription drug. In his tell-all book, Pillow Talk: What's Wrong With My Sewing?, fans revealed that he started taking the drug while attending law school in South Carolina.

Conover told E! News that it was possible to have a season six reunion, but that I had never talked about it. And finally, I was sitting there on stage and I was like, all of the questions that were being asked, and all of the issues that were being raised, I mean, the answer was Adderall.

Craig Conover Revealed How He Lost Weight

Craig Conover (@caconover) has shared a blog post.

Conover credited his newfound fitness journey to removing Adderall and getting fit in an August 2022 interview with People.

Adderall Craig, at his heaviest weight, weighed 165 pounds, according to Conover. I was a healthy pound. I was consuming a lot of ice cream! One day, I reached a new height, and I was 205 pounds. I began seeing my face and my waist. I had it on my neck and my waist. So when I began buying bigger pants, I knew I had to do something.

Conover said he will never give up the gym again if I don't get back to it for a few days in a row. It's really helped me stay on track.

Conover said that fans may notice his weight gain on the current season of Southern Charm as well as the upcoming second season of Winter House, which was shot in Vermont earlier this year. Since Fall 2021, the Sewing Down South creator has been dating Paige DeSorbo, who recently filmed a cameo for that program.

Conover told People that while filming Summer House, I received so many compliments. Im now more fit than I have ever been in years. And Im finally eager to take my shirt off again rather than concealing it on the program.

Craig Conovers friend previously joked about his lack of fitness.

Shep Rose's tweet was shared by Shep Rose (@relationshep).

Conover appeared in a video with pal Shep Rose in which they pushed each other on a cart and worked out with medicine balls in a gym while a rendition of Eddie's father's theme song was played. The video was then shared on Roses' Instagram account with the hashtags #weregoingtoberipped #summerbod #dadbodbedamned.

Today, we invited @caconover to join our group. We never knew (nor did he) that he was a member! Rose wrote.

Conover owed a zero balance, but he also had zero check-ins, according to the account.