Know Why the Dispute Between Spencer Pratt and Lisa Kudrow

Know Why the Dispute Between Spencer Pratt and Lisa Kudrow ...

Lisa Kudrow, who plays Lisa Kudrow in Friends, responded by describing Kudrow as one of the worst individuals she's ever encountered.

Spencer Pratt met Heidi Montag, his wife, in the year 2007 and they have been living together as married couples. They are about to have their second child.

Although many of us would agree that Lauren Conrad would be the most well-known figure to oppose their marriage, Pratt had later stated that Lisa Kudrow advised Montag to leave her spouse as early as 2009, when they were married.

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Spencer Pratt's remarks on Lisa Kudrow are summarized below.

In a TikTok video, Pratt said that he and Montage met Kudrow at a party, which was uploaded on Saturday.

Heidi and I were invited to our first lavish A-list gathering in 2009, and when we arrived, it was clear that no one wanted us there, according to Pratt, who frequently refers to Kudrow by the name of the character she plays on Friends.

Heidi and I thought it was a good meal and an open beverage, although we were not sure how to shoot for Punkd.

Phoebe (Kudrow) approaches us while we were enjoying a little caviar, which is strange since no one had spoken to us throughout the party, according to the author. As a result, it was a little shocking.

Kudrow allegedly warned Montag that she must get away from me as soon as possible because she'll murder her if Pratt had the eyes of a serial murderer in Pratts conversation account.

Even though he initially believed the piece to be an odd joke, he quickly realized it was not.

He remembers thinking, Maybe this is a skit, maybe this is a hidden camera party, and that is why we were invited to this exclusive event, but there were no chuckles. She does not even look at me before she walks away, and that one instant was the most rude interaction Ive ever had with a human being.

Since Kudrow has not responded to the allegations, we must take Pratt's statements with a grain of salt since she has not reacted. However, if this turns out to be the case, it indicates that Lisa Kudrow was most likely a loyal follower of the show The Hills, in which Pratt played the role of a repeating bad guy and, to paraphrase LC, a sloppy person.