League of Legends Tenacity: What is it, and how does it work?

League of Legends Tenacity: What is it, and how does it work? ...

In League of Legends, there is no shortage of crowd control abilities. They can be particularly powerful later in the game or at crucial moments. A well-timed stun or suppression can completely change the course of a team battle.

There are a handful of methods for players to increase their crowd control abilities through items, abilities, or runes. However, there is also a way for opposing players to resist and reduce the effects of crowd control on themselves, using a stat called tenacity.

But how does tenacity work, and will it work against all forms of crowd control? It's possible that knowing the answer might be the key to overcoming crowd control strategies that are heavily dependent on crowd control.

What is Tenacity in League?

Tenacity is a term also known as crowd control reduction. All incoming crowd control effects will be reduced, except for status effects like airborne, drowsy, nearsight, stasis, and suppression. The tenacity statistic will reduce the duration of CC effects like stun, silence, slow, cripple, and others.

How do you increase Tenacity in League?

Tenacity can be improved primarily through items and elixirs. Mercurys Treads, Silvermere Dawn, and Sunfire Aegis are all items that have an influence on tenacity. Ornns craftable version of Sunfire Aegis, known as Forgefire Crest, also improves tenacity.

While the elixirs' effects are on, players may also consume the Elixir of Iron to increase tenacity by 25 percent. Tenacity can also be improved by the Legend: Tenacity rune in the Precision tree and the Unflinching rune in the Resolve tree.

Garen's active Courage ability also temporarily improves tenacity.

In League, how do you decrease opponent's tenacity?

There are a couple of strategies you can use to decrease the opponent's tenacity stats, thus preventing them from opposing your own CC abilities. Tenacity can even be reduced to a negative number, causing the CC effects to last longer.

During the game, players may purchase Anathemas Chains, which curses the opponent and stacks the player with Vendetta. If your nemesis is within 700 units of you, you will lose 20 percent of your tenacity.

Ornn is the only champion who has the ability to sabotage opponents' tenacity. His Bellows Breath and Call of the Forge God abilities apply the Brittle debuff to opponents, which reduces tenacity by 30%.

The Rift Scuttler monster has -100 percent tenacity, thereby making CC effects twice as effective on it.