Season 14 of Brawl Stars Robot Factory is now live

Season 14 of Brawl Stars Robot Factory is now live ...

Because the latest season, Robot Factory, has been released today, Brawl Stars players may now enjoy the new content in the Supercells mobile game.

Sam, a chromatic rarity, is introduced in the season. He is a component of the premium Brawl pass that is unlockable when you reach tier 30. Sam is a melee character who uses enhanced gloves to defeat enemies.

Because it was introduced last week with an early patch and activated earlier today, players will not need to download an update.

Gus, the other new brawler, has been visible in the characters menu since the patch was released, but he is still not up for grabs. He will come to the games shop later in the season, but his exact release date is still unknown.

The new season will include a wide variety of new skins, pins, and sprays, as well as numerous balance adjustments and bug fixes. It will take around two months.

Because the traditional Brawl-o-Ween event is scheduled for later this fall, players will have to wait longer to see the gears rework.