How to Get the Iwakura Out Achievement in Genshin Impact

How to Get the Iwakura Out Achievement in Genshin Impact ...

Genshin Impact has a slew of achievements to complete, some of which are hidden or just vaguely enumerated. There are also several new ones to be found in Patch 3.0. For example, you may win rewards and an achievement by wiping out a samurai clan. The achievement is called Iwakura Out, and with this guide, you will assist you in getting things done.

How to Get the Iwakura Out Achievement in Genshin Impact

The ones you are looking to defeat are the Iwakura Art disciples, who you must defeat first in any order you choose, before you face the final samurai, and there is also an option of gathering their blades and planting them on blade mounds to get an additional Luxurious Chest and another Wonders of the World achievement called The Ill-Starred Legacy of Iwakura.

The five Iwakura Art Disciples and Acting Instructors

The five enemies you must defeat to begin the process are located on the islands of the Inazuma archipelago. It's worth reiterating that you can defeat them in whatever order you want to get the achievements.

On Yashiori Island, Disciple Katayama Tatsumi is located near the Jakotsu Mine at Serpents Head. Defeat him to receive a Precious Chest.

Shimada Shichirouji, the disciple on Yashori Island, is located in the far western area. Defeat him to earn a Precious Chest.

Tanba Tetsuo, an acting instructor in Kannazuka, is located at Tatarasuna. Begin by climbing to his location on the map, and look for a ledge to land on mid-way. Thats where youll find Tanba Tetsuo. He earns a Precious Chest.

Okazaki Kunihiko, the Disciple on Narukami Island, can be found on the Byakko Plain. Defeat him to obtain a Precious Chest as a reward.

Mifune Satoshi, an acting instructor, is located in Araumi near Narukami Island, just off the northern coast. Look for an underwater ruin that has a Teleport Waypoint. Take a left turn and after a brief run, youll find Mifune Satoshi. Defeat him to obtain a Precious Chest.

Iwakura Mitsunari and expelling the Oni

After defeating all five Disciples and instructors, you will need to find and defeat the leader of Iwakura Art, Iwakura Mitsunari. He is located in the Kujou Encampment on Kannazukas north-eastern peninsula. Talk to him first to initiate the combat and then defeat him.

After defeating him, you must find and defeat the two Expelled Oni located in Byakko Plains, the same area where you fought Okazaki Kunihiko. The two Oni you need to defeat are called Expelled Violet Oni: Yanagiha Arashi and Expelled Crimson Oni: Okazaki Toraemon. Once more, talk to them first to initiate combat.

You can loot the two Oni's sword items by placing both swords in the nearby Blade Mounds that are located right in front of the stone. For the final optional achievement (The Ill-Starred Legacy of Iwakura), you may retrieve Hakuen Michimitsu Menoma from The Serpents Bowels in Enkanomiya (found near the waterfall only after defeating the Oni) and plant it on the blade mound as well.