Mel Schilling, a MAFS expert, claims she's'fought for years' for the show's LGBTQ+ inclusion

Mel Schilling, a MAFS expert, claims she's'fought for years' for the show's LGBTQ+ inclusion ...

Mel Schilling, a Married At First Sight relationship expert, has revealed that she has been campaigning for years to increase LGBTQ+ representation in the hit reality TV series.

Last year, the UK version of the show made history when it featured a gay couple for the first time.

However, in 2022, the E4 program has taken the diversity of its cast one step further, introducing two same-sex couples to the program, one all-female and another all-male partnership.

Schilling told Digital Spy exclusively that "I've been fighting to this for years." "I'm so ecstatic!

"So we have two same-sex couples, one male, one female, and it is just such a joy to incorporate that real-world color and character into this experiment."

"It's about time, I think, that we started putting a method that actually represents the real world."

Viewers have already seen the LGBTQ+ couples tie the knot and honeymoon in the first few episodes, but Schilling insists there will be additional exciting drama throughout the series.

"I'm waiting for the audience to begin watching and seeing how all these different dynamics develop," she added. "Certainly how, for example, the straight people respond to the gay people and how all of that sort of... it's just the most beautiful melting pot of the real world."

In recent years, other reality dating programs have been criticized for not being inclusive enough, with many fans wanting more diversity on screen.

Despite Married At First Sight UK's efforts to include LGBTQ+ representation, the Australian version of the show has yet to include a same-sex couple in the campaign.

Schilling's new book The C Word allows viewers to see her offer up advice in the world of romance on the E4 show.

The relationship expert revealed that the new publication is all about "empowering women to do what they can to begin bridging the confidence gap."

Married at First Sight UK is available on E4 in the United Kingdom. Married at First Sight Australia is available on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the United Kingdom.

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