Season 4 of Fortnite might include first-person mode as well as other features

Season 4 of Fortnite might include first-person mode as well as other features ...

A first-person mode might be introduced in Fortnite chapter 3, season 4, something that we hadn't heard of before, but that we've yet to see hide nor hair of since. In fact, several more modifications might be on the way due to new leaks and data mining.

It's one of the reasons why keeping an eye on Fortnite leaks is so fascinating, because each patch includes new features that are immediately available, but also loads of hidden gems that might surface at any time. Fortnite changes constantly, and as we approach the end of this season, and into chapter 3, season 4, it appears like the list of possible changes is long.

HypeX has tweeted out a list of possible changes, all of which stemmed from leaks during the previous two seasons. The list includes things like motorcycles, Iron Man gloves, the next generation of mechs, Halloween decorations, and some new items, but also includes the first-person perspective, which might completely alter the experience of Fortnite for players at every level.

Fortnite has always been a third-person battle royale game that allows players to peek around corners sneakily, hide in bushes, and simply assist them out with the camera. However, if first-person occurs, suddenly peaking around corners because something exposes you, and hiding in bushes wont allow you to see out of them.

If you read our Fortnite tips and tricks, youll still be good. After all, the core game will remain the same, even if it ends up being a brand-new experience.