Florence Pugh's Next Major MCU Appearance Has Been Revealed

Florence Pugh's Next Major MCU Appearance Has Been Revealed ...

In 2021'sBlack Widow, Florence Pugh played Natasha Romanoffs sister, and received a positive reception from fans and critics.

PughsYelena made a stunning comeback in theHawkeyeDisney+ series alongside Jeremy Renners Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfelds Kate Bishop.Yelena played a key role in the Marvel series, able to find some closure for Romanoffs' death.

A new report has revealed where Yelena might appear next as the MCU prepares to begin its next series of projects.

Florence Pugh's Next Major MCU Appearance Has Been Revealed

Deadlines Justin Kroll revealed that Florence Pughs Yelena Belova is set to lead the MCUsThunderbolts in the latest episode of Matthew BellonisThe Townpodcast.

Kroll describedThunderboltsasbasically Marvels Suicide Squad, while also revealing that Yelena will lead a team composed of Wyatt Russells John Walker and Daniel Bruhls Zemo.

The Deadline reporter also implied that Thunderboltsis Yelenasspin-off, implying that Pugh is the main protagonist of the film:

[Florence Pugh] has a Marvel superhero that has already got a spin-off. This Thunderbolts film is basically Marvels Suicide Squad. Hopefully, it will have better outcomes. However, the concept is itd be her leading the team of like Wyatt Russells [John Walker], Daniel Bruhls [Zemo], those anti-heroes that arent exactly good but arent necessarily bad. So there's that.

Why Yelena is The Perfect Thunderbolts Leader

The inclusion of Florence Pughs Yelena inThunderbolts isnt surprising, although some fans may be surprised by the character's leadership. In fact, there is a comic precedent (sort of) for the character serving as the leader of the reformated villain group.

After the Skrull Invasion, Norman Osborn approached Yelena to take over as the field leader of the Thunderbolts. Although Natasha Romanoff was later revealed to be a disguise, the studio may be using this as an inspiration for the teams live-action iteration.

Yelena's role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has allowed Pugh's acting ability to shine.

Given that Zemo and John Walker are master tacticians, it will be interesting to see how other antagonists will react to Yelenas' leadership.

On the 26th of July, 2024, Thunderboltsis will be released in theaters.