The Hood might be the next big street level villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Hood might be the next big street level villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ...

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's major villain has already been decided: Kang the Conqueror will be Earth's most powerful heroes' multiversal threat in the next few phases. However, the two-part Avengers finale might not be enough to wrap up the loose ends in every corner of the Marvel Universe. Is the studio secretly building up to a secondary big bad?

From Doctor Doom to Magneto, most of them are simply too compelling to play second fiddle to the likes of Kang. Regardless, there is one antagonist who has proved to be a valuable asset when it comes to pushing the street-level vigilantes to their limits in the pages of Marvel Comics. This antagonist has been leader of the Marvel Comics since the beginning, and may or may not evolve to the next level.

Who Is Marvels The Hood?

Parker Robbins is the alternate identity of The Hood. He was created by Brian K. Vaughan and Kyle Hotz in 2002. Robbins lived a strict life of crime to care for his mother who was battling with illness throughout his childhood. He has early recollection of a fight between Electro and Daredevil that enticed him into the world of super villains. However, he would gain his abilities through an unexpected encounter.

Robbins and his partner in crime were attacked by a demon who managed to shoot the beast before it could infiltrate the pair. Parker stole the cloak and boots that the beast was wearing, both of which had come directly from Dormmamu, who had inhabited the Dark Dimensions.

Parker Robbins, who was engulfed with supernatural gifts, took on the pseudonym The Hood and expanded his business. While he began to accumulate vast wealth and build a minor empire, his goals were always on acquiring the kind of magical power that he had developed gradually.

The Hood was given the chance to expand during the comic book narrative Dark Reign, which spanned 2008 and 2009, primarily due to Osborn's entrepreneurial spirit. He had more political, magical, and financial power than he had ever had.

Despite the fact that everything ended up falling down, the blueprint for what The Hood may achieve on the big and small screen has been laid.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Debut

The Hoods narrative in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may already be established. First, he must make his debut, and that's already scheduled. Parker Robbins has been confirmed as the antagonist for the first season of Disney+'s Ironheart, which will premiere in late 2023.

Anthony Ramos, well-known for his roles in Hamilton as John Laurens and Philip Hamilton, will play The Hood in what might be a bigger role. Ramos has star power and is a well-known actor for what might be a one-off role in Ironheart.

The Hood's lasting legacy in the comics included a partnership with two key groups, each of which might be vital to the MCU's future.

The Hoods Gang

Without some assistance, The Hood would not be able to amass all his power and take such strong command of New York. Robbins had his right-hand-woman on his side, who was arguably the operation's brain and far more qualified than he ever was. Giulietta Nefaria, or Whitney Frost as she would become known, suited up as the long-term Iron Man foe, Madame Masque.

To truly maintain their position, the Hoods Gang needed a much larger operation. Thats where Robbins and Frost came in. They worked to recruit and unite the many Z-list villains who had spent the majority of their lives being kidnapped by the very ones they could now assist in detaining.

The Wrecking Crew, Wizard, Electro, Mister Fear, and Hydro-Man all played by barely recognizable thugs. Such as Mandrill, Man-Fish, Crimson Cowl, and Griffin, the group might be one of the most powerful villainous organizations ever assembled in the comics.

The Hoods gang might be forming onscreen, according to sources. The Marvel Universe used to have comedy-driven and lesser-known villains. The Disney+ shows are plentiful, but She-Hulk is more than putting its weight on it.

Jennifer Walters will likely encounter many of the same thugs who have previously served in Hoods Gang, or have the potential for that MCU iteration, according to the trailers and initial episodes. There's a possibility this could be the start of the rosters formation.

It's quite cool to complete the Hoods Gang's roster with additional forgettable villains that have already appeared across the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Marvel Studios want to expand the group quickly, there are a few ideal antagonists to bring in.

Hawkeyes Jacques Duquesne never revealed his links to an underground criminal auction organization and may have more time to explore his darker side as The Swordsman. The former Netflix shows Daredevil have a large range of minor criminals to offer, with Melvin Potters Gladiator being an obvious example. Theres those who might have flirted with redemption before abandoning that idea, such as Ant-Man and the Wasps Sonny Burch or Spider-Man: Homecomings Shocker.

Regardless of the direction Marvel takes or the return of certain characters that they may bring a new dynamic to this tense alliance, there are countless individuals that may appeal to the general public.

The Cabal

Robbins may have been the disputed leader of his gang, but he was at the bottom of the hierarchy when it came to The Cabal. After Norman Osborns' takeover of national security, he sent the Illuminati in favor of his own iteration. This Cabal included powerful figures like Emma Frost, Namor, Doctor Doom, Loki, and eventually Taskmaster.

Parker Robbins as a character could still be utilized in such a grand event, despite his lack of experience. His extraordinary contributions within the criminal community outweigh all of those in his gang that may have once had similar ambitions.

The Illuminati's arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe suggests that Marvel may have further plans for the secretive group. It's plausible that the villains may follow suit, fulfilling the narrative that unfolded in the comics.

The Next Big Bad

Why should The Hood be the next big bad of Marvel, given the background of Parker Robbins in the comics and his MCU journey becoming a certainty? Well, somebody needs to bind the MCU's street side to pay off many of the existing narratives!

Kang may be attracting the attention of Captain Marvel, Thor, and Doctor Strange, who are capable of defending the Earth from a multiverse threat, but there are also many other heroes who might be drawn together by a different antagonist. From Daredevil and Echo, to Moon Knight and Blade, the stakes are only increased when no one has been able to unite these forces quite in the same way.

Parker Robbins and his demonic bent are different from Kang, Thanos, and other big bads that the Avengers have encountered, but it also makes him unique when compared to Kingpin, who might occupy a similar position.

The Hoods Rise

With the introduction of the Hood and the many familiar roster members from his notorious MCU, how likely is it that The Hood will be the next major bad in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Wilson Fisk is the most logical candidate to provide some more Marvel magic? It's a great prospect, but there's a lot of uncertainty about whether or not the Marvel Cinematic Universe will achieve its goal.