Following a horrifying accident, Bravo star was transported to the hospital

Following a horrifying accident, Bravo star was transported to the hospital ...

A Bravo star is recalling a terrifying ordeal that occurred to him when he was just four years old.

Brock Davies shared his thoughts about an accident in which he lost his finger on the August 23, 2022 episode of the Give Them Lala podcast.

Some viewers have noticed that since he started dating Scheana Shay and joined the Vanderpump Rules cast, he only has four fingers on one of his hands. This isnt a deformity, though, but a rather a function of an accident that took place when the reality star was just a kid.

Davies said on the podcast that he receives a check every year for disability, mostly because he is 16% whole body competent. When asked how he lost his finger, Davies joked that a crocodile bit it off, but then he got serious and revealed what really happened to him.

Here's all you need to know about this:

Davies lost his finger in an accident on his family's dairy farm.

Brock (@brock__davies) has shared a post.

Davies was working on his family's farm in Australia when he got an unexpected encounter with a bull that required emergency medical treatment.

Davies explained that when I was in the yard, there was a pin in the middle with a gate that rotates around to be milked. And when it gets to about 7 oclock, there's a side gate and you take the bulls out of the side because you don't want the bulls to go onto the milking table.

I walked straight past him to get him out of the side, according to Davies. The bull initially tried to provoke the bull by making a noise with his mouth and his hands, but he was kicked.

I stepped back onto the gate that was behind me and it just so happened that the cover was off, and then I rolled my hand in. And it rolled in, like, gears. Caught my hand, and then it crushed my first finger and a bit of the two, but then it crushed all of my hand, he continued.

Following the accident, Davies was taken to a vet.

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Davies explained that his family lived in an extremely rural area, so his family took him to the vet in town. The animal doctor wrapped Davies' hand before requesting help. Brock was then taken to a hospital two hours away.

It was a demanding process, and they had to do something like a bone graft and skin graft. That was wild, said the speaker. He admitted that he might have lost his whole hand.

Davies admits to seeing the bone in his hand although he does not recall feeling any pain. The missing finger is just a part of Davies' life right now, and he's lived with it for so long that it seems not to bother him much.