According to player reports, Warzone cheaters are on the rise

According to player reports, Warzone cheaters are on the rise ...

Are Warzone cheaters on the rise in Season 5? According to an unsatisfied fan base, hackers might be returning with a vengeance.

New players to Call of Duty Warzone might not have ever experienced how terrible cheating used to be in the Verdansk era.

The battle royale had no dedicated anti-cheat feature for the longest time, and although Raven Software banned hundreds of thousands of hackers, it appeared as if there were at least one in every game.

Caldera joined the bandwagon, and shortly thereafter brought about the release of the RICOCHET anti-cheat, a COD-built in-house anti-cheat.

Cheaters have become far less prevalent in Warzone since then, but some supporters claim that the number of malicious users is on the upswing.

Is Cheaters becoming more common in Warzone Season 5?

Fans are reporting an increase in hackers in Warzone Season 5. Although evidence is circumstantial and RICOCHET is clearly prohibiting cheaters as they emerge.

According to a popular thread on the CODWarzone subreddit, many players are seeing an increase in malicious users as of late. And while others claim to have never seen cheaters in months, more than a few Warzone fans are venting their displeasure.

Snowman166, a Reddit user, claims that both Richochet and SBMM have been switched off. This weekend, our group has encountered several blatant cheaters.

Have cheaters recently emerged from the woodwork? Some players seem to think so:

Before that, I hadnt seen a clear hacker for a few seasons, according to Reddit user polarbearwithaspear.

A number of Twitter accounts are also detailing their encounters with cheating players.

The last two days in #Plunder must have been the worst cheater-infested days I have ever seen. Sad to see a once great game dying like this. Whoever thinks this game is in a normal state is delusional.

While it's obvious that the player in the Reddit post below is cheating, many hackers are far more subtle with their wallhacks. Could cheating be returning in Activisions Battle Royale once more?

And yet, Warzone players have been raving about the new Rebirth Island After Dark playlist in recent months, and many are dissatisfied with Season 5 as a whole.

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