Players on Warzone PC are displeased with the game's aimbot aim assist

Players on Warzone PC are displeased with the game's aimbot aim assist ...

Players on PC in Warzone Pacific are dissatisfied with the rotating aim assist feature, which is said to help console players aimbot and pick off their targets swiftly.

If you want to be victorious in Warzone matches, aim and movement are the most important skills to master, and PC players generally find this easy with a mouse and keyboard.

For players who prefer to play with a controller, the game includes aim assist in order to make things feel more balanced. However, some in the Warzone community believe that this feature makes things too simple.

sendnadez, a Reddit user, claims that players who use a controller have the benefit of excellent tracking, which allows them to quickly dispatch their targets in close-range situations.

The Redditor then inquired whether or not the developers are planning to nerf the aim assist, describing its usefulness as a soft aimbot. Players have complained before and are fed up that the issue continued in Warzone 2.

Even popular content creators like JGOD and Dr Disrespect have criticized this feature for unfairly avantajing console players in the past. Many commenters in this thread expressed their displeasure at the aim assist.

One of the commenters explained how many narrow gunfights I lost because to a micrometer's missed view, while my opponent does not have to make such tiny adjustments thanks to [aim assist].

Before stating that rotational aim assist works through foliage, smoke, and even stun grenades, the players agree that it gives controller-using players an unfair advantage in Warzone.

Another user felt that the aim assist on controllers is overpowered, as players are able to hit their targets with minimal effort. They said that the game is aiding them in every gunfight.

Controller players may be able to precisely target your upper chest, while making a mistake on your mouse and keyboard can result in instant death.

The Warzone 2 developers will take steps to ensure that the rotational aim assist does not give console users a significant advantage over their competitors.

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