The Last of Us Part 1 Physical Release Sales in the United Kingdom Half of Saints Rows

The Last of Us Part 1 Physical Release Sales in the United Kingdom Half of Saints Rows ...

According to Games Industrys Christopher Dring, the PS5 remake sold about half of what the Saints Rows reboot sold at the time of its release. Although digital data isnt included, Dring cautions that The Last of Us 1's third appearance was not particularly successful.

Why Are Part 1 Retail Sales of The Last of Us?

This week, The Last of Us: Part 1 is by no means No.1 on the UK physical retail chart. Its a remaster and not a particularly big launch. It's sold about half of what Saints Row managed last week. This is pure physical sales.

Christopher Dring (@Chris_Dring) on September 4, 2022

The Last of Us Part 1 was only released on one platform: the PS5. Saints Row, on the other hand, is a multiplatform game. Nevertheless, as Dring points out, this remake (not a remaster, according to Naughty Dog and Sony) is the third time the game has been released. That said, people are still waiting for digital sales data so it remains to be seen if digital sales offset the relatively low physical sales.

Sony hampered the release of the Firefly Edition games across the pond in the United States. The first batch of stock appeared to have been lapped up by scalpers fairly swiftly. The second batch of stock seemed to have encountered the same fate, but to make matters worse, those who wanted the Firefly Edition were disappointed to discover it was badly packaged and damaged in transit.

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