Following her death, Anne Heches's lawsuit against her ex-husband appears to have come to an end

Following her death, Anne Heches's lawsuit against her ex-husband appears to have come to an end ...

The shocking death of actress Anne Heche shook the general public, as did the grizzly circumstances surrounding her car crash and the time spent trapped in the burning vehicle. Plenty of people have taken to social media to commemorate her tenure, while also focusing on the consequences of her unexpected passing. And Heches' lawsuit against James Tupper has come to an end.

Anne Heches's estate appeared to be unprepared legally since she passed without a will, and her 20-year-old son Homer Laffoon has requested to be in charge of her estate as well as the custody of her younger brother Atlas. According to a new report by Radar, Heches' ongoing custody dispute may have been dismissed. As is the over $55,000 that the late actress claimed she was due as a result of their lengthy custody dispute.

According to the report, Wasser, Cooperman, and Mandle have dropped all charges against James Tupper on behalf of Anne Heche, although they allegedly dropped it with prejudice, meaning they may re-file at a later date.

Anne Heche and James Tupper met while working on the ABC drama Men in Trees back in 2019. Tupper reportedly accused Heche of drug use, and of losing almost $500k. Tupper accused Heche of selling their house without her consent.

Given Anne Heches' death, it stands to reason that this type of lawsuit might be dropped. James Tupper was one of the many people who professed his ex-wife's character after her death. However, the lawyers may need the money again, depending on whether or not Homer Laffoon succeeds in controlling the estate and custody of his brother. We'll just have to wait and see how the ongoing situation plays out.

Anne Heche died on August 11th, after suffering from a series of automobile accidents. Those incidents occurred again in August 5th, with the late actress being trapped in her burning vehicle as first responders attempted to reach her. She passed away from these injuries, although the actress donated her organs following her passing.

Anne Heche will be working on a number of other projects that were developed prior to her death. In the meantime, make sure you check out the release dates for your next movie experience in 2022.