Biomorph is Kirby meets Hollow Knight, but it's harder

Biomorph is Kirby meets Hollow Knight, but it's harder ...

Biomorph is hoping to follow in the footsteps of the now-iconic Hollow Knight, which etched itself into history as one of the greatest indie games of all time while also incorporating elements of Nintendos famous series, Kirby. We caught up with Francis Lapierre, the founder and technology developer at Lucid Dreams Studio, to discuss how the team intends to shake up the classic genre.

Biomorph, a Lucid Dreams Metroidvania game with a fantastic-looking, bat-like protagonist who has a passion for defeating bad guys, is an absolute must-see for noughties emo kids.

The plot details for Biomorphs are currently sparse, but the game's core is the ability to scan enemies and transform into them, thereby utilizing their own attacks and tactics against them.

Biomorph is a Souls-like game, but how did this come to be?

Biomorph is the brainchild of a team of 12 developers who each wanted to emulate Hollow Knight's personality in their own Metroidvania adventure.

The game's protagonist, who initially began out as a robot, was reimagined with the huge ears, and people loved it, according to Lapierre. We wanted to move away from this occupation.

From there, the team moved onto the biomorphing mechanics of the characters, looking at how they might integrate a Kirby-style eat people and steal their powers mechanic into a completely different reality.' Lapierre answers this question.

To biomorph into a monster, you must kill them, but when you kill a monster it respawns and becomes a lot stronger, according to Lapierre. When we present a new monster the vanilla version, but they become more difficult.

This mechanic is geared towards those who are seeking a challenge. According to Lapierre, we want to entice fans of Souls-like games, but adds that even if it's a Souls-like game, we do not want it to be too hard. We want it to be challenging, but not frustrating.

Although Lapierre admits that this game may not appeal to hardcore Souls fans, he hopes that the narrative and stunning visuals will capture players' imaginations.

The release date for Biomorph has been set for 2023, with new information emerging every day. If youre looking for a challenge to keep you occupied in the meantime, check out our best games like Dark Souls for PC list to prepare for your Biomorph adventure.