The Lannister Twins from House of the Dragon have entered the chat, and there are still some post-episode 3 questions

The Lannister Twins from House of the Dragon have entered the chat, and there are still some post-ep ...

House Lannister, as Game of Thrones drilled into us, always paid its debts. But who knew that seeing one of Westeros' admired families fulfill one of their obligations in social capital would be so enjoyable?

The third episode of House of the Dragons on Sunday gave us a good look at the twins who are the descendants ofThrones Tywin, Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion Lannister. And, in Jasons case at least, the hour made a good case for the genetic origins of arrogance, smarminess, and the inability to close one's trap.

Jefferson Hall, a Vikings alum who plays both siblings, is an upright, or whatever passes for upright on this program, knight who is genuinely concerned for the realm. His brother, Jason, is a giant jackass. Hall made several acting choices as Jason that made me laugh out loud in an episode that featured the horrific death of a wild pig and a murderous bifurcation of a famous warlord.

I still cant decide whether or not it was more enjoyable to watch Jason attempting to slap the moves on Rhaenyra (the way he so clearly thinks he's being slick! the way he so clearly is NOT!) or to see him receive his smug butt from King Viserys during the gifting of the spear. Now that's a debt hell have to work hard to shore up.

Isnt House Lannister a little extra in a series where families are REALLY into their sigils? (Loved the references to Rhaenyras on Jason's introduction: I gathered that from all the lions.)

Jason bragged about how the finest honeyed wine in all of the land is made in Lannisport? First: It made me think about Rhaenyras give-no-effs attitude, especially in expressing precisely what she believes in the moment, versus Alicent's guarded, diplomatic manner throughout the episode, especially with Viserys.

* And while you're working on this riff, I'll make you feel like your fourth-grade English teacher: For this assignment, please compare and contrast either a) Rhaenyra's sensitive remarks about her hate for the way boars cry like children when they're slaughtered and her quick-thinking, deadly actions when the pig attacks her and Ser Criston, or b) Jason's quick-thinking, brutal actions when she's attacked, or the horror with which

What do you have in store for this weeks House of the Dragon thoughts/questions/predictions?