Toadstool Tour and 64 are on the rise in the Mario Golf Reddit vote

Toadstool Tour and 64 are on the rise in the Mario Golf Reddit vote ...

Since the introduction of Mario Golf on Nintendo 64 back in 1999, Mario has hit the links, bunkers, and out-of-bounds areas of Mushroom Kingdoms many golf courses, but with so many games now on offer, the question was always going to pop up. Which Mario Golf game is the best? Well, someone asked Reddit, and two clear favorites emerged.

The Mario Golf Reddit poll, which you can access by clicking this link, has many opinions from Redditors arguing that their favorite should be the choice of everyone else, although there appears to be a general consensus. However, many havent played Princess Peach since the first Nintendo 64 title, so they may be a little biased.

TT and 64 have both received high ratings from the community, with some claiming the often overlooked title as a hidden gem in the Mario sports library (if there can be such a thing).

Super Rush is a fairly minor title on the Mario Golf tier list, given that our first Mario Golf Super Rush review was fairly poor. From a perspective, Nintendo might be wise to just re-release Toadstool Tour if this poll is any indication.

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